Automation of sales point with POS software & Label Printer for increased performance

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Automation of sales point with POS software & Label Printer for increased performance
There are different types of POS software in the market each is for a specific industry. These POS
software differs as different industries demand different types of data and often work flow is different
in two different industries. Label printers however are almost same for all of the industries and have
standard shapes and designs
Automation of sales and business process has many advantages. Accuracy with time management is
the prime advantage of any process automation but a point of view also says that in long rum cost of
automated point of sale system is far less as compared to manual billing system. Let have a closer look
to this and understand what Is POS and what are different POS software and hardware.

POS is the most important point in any shop or retail store as POS (point of sale) is a place where the
actual transaction of things takes place and ownership of things get exchanged for money. When you
go to any mall or some place to buy something you must have observed that at billing desk there are
certain equipment to bill any product. These equipments are called POS hardware and normally
includes - Computer with POS software installed, Bar code reader, Printer, Bank Card Reader etc. Few
Hardware are useful at the backend and hence are not visible to end user like label printer.
Label printer is used to tag products for important information like barcodes and other essential
information required for automation of billing system. These label printers are specially designed
printers to print high resolution labels for barcodes and other important information related to the
automation of billing process.
Apart from label printers there are other useful hardware like barcode scanner and receipt printer.
Barcode scanner is a device to scan the printed barcode on the back of the product and receipt
printer is used to print the bill of total purchased items entered by the barcode scanning. There is a
hidden element helping business to run automated billing system and that is POS software. Any Pos
software enables users to interact with the software and provides useful information as well.
Any Pos software is specially designed customised software for automation of billing and inventory
management system. This software differs for industry to industry for example such software for
medical shop will be entirely different from software for food shop or restaurant. Reason is simple as
different working places have different requirement related to industry therefore they needs to be
differently coded. In medical shops there is a requirement to see at a point of time which medicine is in
stock and what is the medicine that needs to be ordered. What is the average rate of sale for a
particular medicine and some other things like flow charts and diagrams of the sales patterns for last
few months?

While software for restaurant will require a little more then this there must be a separate sections to
bill the home delivery orders. In the POS software there should be a facility to see the sitting
arrangements and to book reservations for the customers. Therefore pos software for medical shop is
different from restaurant. Before purchasing any such pos software you must analyse the basic as well
as added features of any such system because it must serves your all the requirements. In case Pos
system is not able to provide sufficient Information then it can not be said to be complete.
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