Avoiding Bad Credit Repair Companies

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Avoiding The Bad Credit Repair Companies
There are good companies and bad companies in every industry, so how do you
make sure that you avoid the bad credit repair companies? There are several things
to look out for and to avoid when looking for a remedy for bad credit. Avoid the
outrageous claims of deleting all of your negative credit within a matter of days. This
isn't possible and any kind of claim that appears to be too good to be true is, and
fraudulent companies will typically slap a guarantee on these claims. They want you
to feel confident, but guess what? The guarantee is useless because when you are
not able to contact them again and they disappear how will any silly guarantee
protect you? You will be left being a victim, and still have bad credit.
The sad reality is that the majority of companies that are putting out advertisements
for business are not even legal business entities. The simply register a domain name,
throw up a cheap website and once they close down shop they do it again under a
new name and brand. There are numerous stories of consumers being ripped off and
there is nothing that can be done after the fact, so this gives the entire credit repair
industry a bad name and one of the main reasons that there is so much information
online encouraging people to stay away from credit repair companies. Instead, these
websites should be showing consumers how to select the best credit repair company
rather than to just avoid them all.
It doesn't take extensive investigation to figure out if the company is legit or not. In
fact, it can be done in about 5 minutes by following these few tips. First, check the
register of their domain name. This is referred to as a whois search and will reveal
who own the domain. It should be registered to the company if they have nothing to
hide. If it comes back as registered as private then there is a reason; they don't want
you to know who they are. This is a major red flag. Next, visit the online yellow pages
site, yp.com and enter their phone number. Again, this should bring up the business
listing. If it is not found then this should set off another red flag. Why wouldn't they
want potential customers to find their number? Lastly, check their business address.
Do they have a physical business office address listed on their site? Any company
that doesn't want their contact information listed on their website is hiding
something. These simple 3 checks take 5 minutes and will easily weed out some bad
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