Avoiding mistakes during an alcohol rehab

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Avoiding mistakes during an alcohol rehab
The addiction to alcohol in United States is a major societal problem with over fifteen million
Americans dependent on alcohol out of which 500,000 are between the ages of 9 and 12.
Driving fatalities due to alcohol is about fifty percent and in every thirty minutes someone is
killed in an alcohol related traffic accident. It is also estimated that Americans spend over
$90 billion dollars on alcohol each year. Alcohol is considered to be the number one drug
problem in America. There are over 14,000 Alcohol and Drug rehab centers in the United
States that are involved in tackling the situation arising out of alcohol addiction.
People involved in alcohol addiction faces dilemma whether to go in for alcohol and drug
rehab centers
or not as it is not an easy choice. There are indeed some possible pitfalls
that contribute to sabotaging of the alcohol rehab. Therefore, an alcohol addict must avoid
committing these mistakes at any costs. These common mistakes are discussed herein
1. Being dishonest with the treatment team: Persons' addicted to alcohol must tell the
truth about his/her actual consumption of alcohol to the team at the alcohol and drug
rehab center.
It is a bad idea to hide the facts about the actual number of drinks that
the addict consumes in a whole day. The treatment teams are professionals who know
the reality about alcohol addiction and they will not be shocked or horrified if the
concerned addict tells the truth.
2. Avoid doing alcohol rehab alone: It is not advisable to do alcohol rehab alone as
recovering from alcoholism is not a do-it-yourself activity. The support of family, friends
and professional members of the alcohol and drug rehab center is necessary. Do not
be afraid to ask again the support of the center if you had already been there for the
treatment before but the treatment has now relapsed. Give an opportunity once again to
people who cared and supported during your previous alcohol rehab treatment.
3. Do not return to the same environment: During the recovery process an alcohol
addict is required to make a hard decision to stay away from other people, friends who
are addicted to alcohol. It is better not to hang out with old friends in bars and other
environment where alcohol is being served and where there are chances of being
tempted to drink alcohol. In other words, make new friends and establish a new social
network that is devoid of alcohol abuse.
These are some of the pitfalls that must be avoided during an alcohol rehab treatment.