Avon Marketing Ideas - 3 Strategies To Promote Your MLM Business

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Avon Marketing Ideas - 3 Strategies To Promote Your MLM

Avon marketing ideas and strategies to promote your MLM business are the key to your success. To
stand out from the rest you need to break out of the box. What do you mean? I am already thinking
outside that box! That's right, eliminate that box now and become a unique, creative thinker. Destroy
the box you are thinking outside of... Take your thinking to a higher level.
Avon Marketing Ideas - 3 Strategies to Promote Your MLM Business - 3 Powerful Rules of
1. Stop selling the product
This may not make any sense to you at this point, but allow me to explain. The chances are that, like
with any big MLM company, the people you are talking to, have already heard about the product you
are selling. Which is most likely millions of people. In contradiction to this fact, how many people have
heard about you, who you are? See my point here? It's one of the great Avon marketing ideas and
one of the perfect strategies to promote your MLM business.
Rule of thumb: In network marketing you're "not selling a product". (Although you are of course. Not
having a product would be illegal!) What's important first, is to brand yourself.
2. Branding Yourself
Avon marketing ideas also include branding yourself. How do you brand yourself? Just simply take a
look at yourself and your life. What is your personal story? People love hearing other peoples stories.
Perhaps you got laid of, or had your own business, or you are a stay at home mom that worked
yourself out of financial misery. Whatever your story may be, use it to brand yourself. Why? Because
it will attract people that are like you and who would like to be like you. We call this "attraction
marketing". Become the hunted, instead of being a hunter.
Rule of thumb: People follow people
Engaging and participating with blogging and social media marketing is another one of the Avon
marketing ideas to brand yourself and is one of the strategies to promote your MLM business. Start
branding yourself as an expert in the field of your business. Give out additional, useful and valuable
information. People love to learn from other people directly, rather than having to go through a ton of
books, CDs and DVDs to learn the business.
3. Marketing your business and products
Alright! Your website is up in the air, you are online... But you have no visitors. There is no traffic
heading your way to visit your website. Who is ever gonna find you? You need visitors to your online
store or landing page. How else are you going to make income online?
Rule of thumb: In real-estate it's all about 3 things, location, location, location. In online marketing
also, it's all about 3 important aspects, traffic, traffic and more traffic!
There are tons of different marketing methods that you can use to drive traffic to your website. Here
are some Avon marketing ideas to promote your MLM business:
- Article Marketing

Post articles about business related topics. Provide good info! Give out extra added value that is
relevant to your business or rather even, to the product.
- Video Marketing
Just like article writing, post information that is business related and adds value,... Again here, give
out good info, useable stuff, extra value.
- Social Media Marketing
Engage into social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Squidoo, just to name a few.
All of the above are great strategies to promote your MLM business. Of course they are not all just
Avon marketing ideas. I actually wrote this article, based on that subject or keyword phrase, to proof
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