Ayurvedic Treatment For Premature Ejaculation And Low Stamina

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Ayurvedic Treatment For Premature
Ejaculation And Low Stamina
Sexual problems in men, according to ayurveda, India's respected system
of medicine, lies in the weakness of semen and the reproductive organs
besides a general run down physical condition. In addition, stress and
lifestyles also influence sexual potency as well as staying power. A man
may be able to achieve erection but he ejaculates quickly leaving his
partner dissatisfied. This creates notes of dissonance and discord in marital
life. A sexually dissatisfied woman will not blossom like a flower and fill your
life with fragrance. In addition to causing friction, premature ejaculation and
low stamina also do not give much satisfaction to the man himself who can
suffer from negative emotions and low self esteem.
Ayurvedic treatment for premature ejaculation
and low stamina counters these two issues and
turns you into a veritable horse with mileage.
You can have rock hard erections and maintain
it for a highly successful culmination to each
sexual congress you indulge in. Ayurvedic herbs
carefully chosen and formulated into a wonderful
capsule, Lawax, when taken with Vital M-40,
another ayurvedic formulation for sexual vigor,
will turn you into a horse with power.
Consider the ingredients of Lawax:
Ashwagandha, Shatavri, Kavach Beej, Safed Musli, Semal Musli, Akarkara,
vidarikand, safed behmen and suddh makardhvaj.
The combined effect of all these carefully chosen herbs on the male body:
1. Improving functions of all organs
2. Improving functioning of the brain and autonomous nervous system,
enabling better control

3. Improving blood circulation
4. Tissue and cell regeneration and restoration
5. Strengthening the male reproductive organs
Vital M-40 contains Jaiphal, ashwagandha,
shatavri, safed musli, salab misri, akarkara,
guggul, ginger, kuchla, amla, taj or cinnamon
and other ingredients. Vital M-40 has some
ingredients in common with Lawax but also has
other unique ingredients such as salab misri,
jaiphal, guggul, ginger and kuchla, all of which
act on the brain and nervous system to
strengthen control over ejaculation. The other
components aim to improve sexual health in
particular and overall health in general, leading
to increased libido and staying power as well.
If you are not at your peak, it is likely that the root cause is imbalance
within. For balance all three doshas viz., kapha, pitta and vayu need to be
in balance. Besides, agni or digestive powers should be in fine form so that
whatever food you ingest is absorbed and does not create aama or toxins.
These two formulations in combination pacify any vitiated dosha and
strengthen agni.
Before you begin your course of Lawax and Vital M-40 you must:
1. Eliminate wastes and toxins from your body by fasting for a day or two,
taking nothing but plenty of warm lime water with honey and ginger juice
and some mint.
2. Use enemas to speed up waste elimination.
3. Take hot water baths and steam baths to detoxify yourself
4. Give up fried, too salty, too sweet and spicy foods and choose satvik
foods thereafter.

Once you start Lawax and M-40 (you should use them for at least 3
months), you should:
1. Exercise regularly, try yoga and specifically focus on strengthening
muscles in abdominal region
2. Eat on schedule, avoid snacking late in the night, eat healthy, satvik
You will notice you can last for a long time, bring your partner to orgasm
and yourself experience an explosive climax.
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