Baby Convertible Car Seat

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Choosing a Baby Convertible Car Seat

A convertible car seat will allow you to ensure your baby travels safely in the rear facing position,
and as they grow, will later convert into a suitable forward facing vehicle seat for your toddler.
Recent legislation changes means that both parents and drivers need to be aware of the new law
(and not simply guidelines) that deals with children in transport.
Britax have a range of baby convertible car seats. The Britax Boulevard caters for babies weighing
5 - 35lbs as rear facing, and forward faces up to a maximum of 65lbs. This particular convertible
car set has safety features most others don't, and is very easy to use. This is an ideal car seat for
underweight, slight or premature babies.
The Britax Marathon is a popular choice with parents as it is incredibly easy to use. One of the
most widely noted features is the wider straps, which sit comfortably on your child, and don't have
a habit of twisting. The Britax Decathlon is the improved version of the Marathon model, which
costs more, but has more features for parents to fall in love with.
Cosco is another popular make, and the Scenera is one of the most affordable seats available.
The Scenera has a 5 point harness system for making easy adjustments, and the covers come off
for washing, proving very practical for parents. If you plan to buy online, first visit a store, and get a
proper look and feel for your babies seat. This is not an item of pleasure, it needs to be perfectly
practical around your needs, so be realistic in your research and purchase.
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Baby Convertible Car Seat
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