Back To School Tips For Teachers

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Back to School : Teacher Tips** Adapted from the American Federation of Teachers (AFT)**••Presented by: Brent Daigle, Ph.D. (ABD)••Presented by: Brent Daigle, Ph.D. (ABD)G• ooa tBefd hore crlaee-the yssrear beoostage ginsm —praplannning gemocessand preent :pariation• During the first days of school—deliberate intr sodu thctionand reinforcement of expectations• Throughout the year—maintaining cooperation throughconsistency and effective instruction.ersult of Presented by: Brent Daigle, Ph.D. (ABD)• Ensure an easy flow of traffic throughout the room and keep high traffic areas, such as those near the teacher’s desk, pencil sharpener, and wastebasket, free fromcongestion• Make sure you have a clear view of all students at all times.Presented by: Brent Daigle, Ph.D. (ABD)• Ensure that students can easily see instructional displays and presentations• Make storage space and materials readily accessible.Presented by: Brent Daigle, Ph.D. (ABD)ProceduresProcedures tell students how to perform routineinstructional and housekeeping tasks.• Getting the teacher’s attention• Using the pencil sharpener, bathroom, or drinking fountain• Moving within and outside the classroom;Presented by: Brent Daigle, Ph.D. (ABD)Procedures•Lining up•Storing personal belongings•Using learning centers•Taking down and turning in assignments.Presented by: Brent Daigle, Ph.D. (ABD)Rules Rules tell students how they are expected to behave.(Effective teachers typically establish only three to six“umbrella” rules that remain consistent throughout the year)Example Rules:  Be ProductiveBe PromptRules stated positively. Be PreparedWritten in broad terms. Be PoliteProminently displayed.Presented by: Brent Daigle, Ph.D. (ABD)The EndPresented by: Brent Daigle, Ph.D. (ABD)