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Bad credit can affect your ability to get a car loan or
refinance an existing one. Refinancing auto loans
with bad credit is possible in the same way as with
mortgage refinance. At the same time, you can save
some money. However, in order to be able to
refinance your loan, you will need to meet certain
conditions. Usually they have to do with the state of
your car, your history with the lender, and your
financial situation. If the car is relatively new, say
less than five years old then this will help your
refinancing. Likewise, if you are not in any way
involved in some sort of dispute or other default with
your current lender it would also help you
refinancing your car loan. And you have to be able
to show that you have less money than the value of
your car.

There are a few more things you need to know before you make the
decision to refinance your car loan The first thing is that you will be
terminating the original contract and make a new one

The new lender will pay off the first lender and you will pay the new
one under the terms of the new contract Some of the benefits in
exchanging the old for the new contract are a lower interest rate, a
longer period to pay off the loan or simply a little bit of time off from

payments, which would probably help you get back on your feet

Such deal might be very good if you purchased a car and then you
lost your job and found another one with a lower payment, which
affected your credit score It is also suitable if the original interest
rates are not affordable and you would like to extent the time of your
loan in exchange for a lower instalment or a lower interest rate

Sometimes, you could just like to pay more and faster in order to
own your car in a shorter time when your finances allow you to do so
It is also possible to get refinancing of your car loan even if you have
been late with the payments of a few instalments, but have already
recovered and are currently respecting the original payment

Late payments usually influence your credit score, but if you are
able to demonstrate that you are not in default, several companies
will give you the opportunity to refinance your car with the right terms
for you However, you have to make sure that the collateral is not in
danger of repossession

And finally, you also have to make sure that the value of your car is
higher than your current finances

The estimation of your car can be done by several websites, if you
provide them with all the information necessary for the estimation,
such as the year, the brand, the mileage, the model and the

They will tell you what information they need in order to make the
estimate before you decide to refinance your car loan