Bail Bonds Tulsa speciality

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Bail Bonds Tulsa speciality
Bail bonds can be defined as a written promise signed by a defendant and surety to ensure
that a criminal defendant will appear in court on the scheduled time and date, according to the
orders of the court. The amount of the bail is normally set by the court. The procedure in bail
bond is that the defendant is released in bail and the bail is paid by the surety who usually
collects the percentage of the amount of bail. For paying the bail amount, and for which the
defendant has to be released, the agent may demand for collateral in the form of valuable
property, securities etc. There are certain percentage rates that are fixed by the bond agency
in Bail bonds Tulsa. In case if the defendant or the accused fails to appear in court, then the
cash bond is paid to the court and the collateral is collected by the bond agency.
There are various types of bail in bail bonds Tulsa. Own recognizance bail is one type of bail
in which the judicial officer may release the accused in his or her own recognizance. In this
situation, the defendant is not required to pay any money, but must sign a bond guaranteeing
the appearance in future court appearances. In secured bail, the defendant must pay the court
a designated amount of money or post security in the amount of the bail in order to get
released. There is also unsecured bail in which the judicial officer imposes an unsecured bond
and the defendant must sign a bond guaranteeing the appearance for future court appearances.