Baked Fish

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Baked Fish Surprise

Fish is a favorite seafood not just among health-conscious individuals but also among
passionate foodies. The flavor of fish is truly a delectable treat no matter what way it is

One of the best cooking methods that will allow you to enjoy an enhanced flavor of fish is
baking. Putting the fish in the oven will give you a moist, juicy, and flavorful result. That is, if
you know how to bake fish properly.
Fish Foodies, Take Note

Before learning the tips and tricks of cooking fish in the oven, it is important that you
understand what kind of food ingredient you are dealing with.

Unlike red meat, fish is considered good for the health. The fat in fish, also known as Omega-
3 fatty acids, is a popular antidote for many types of diseases, especially those degenerative
diseases like Alzheimer's, heart attack, and stroke. It depends, however, on what way you
cook it to ensure that you are keeping its nutritional value as well as maintaining it being a
healthy alternative.

When cooking fish, one of the most important concerns is telling when it is done as the taste
of undercooked and overcooked fish are both undesirable. A test for fish's doneness is
looking at it and gently inserting a fork or a knife into its thickest part. Cooked fish looks
opaque and flakes easily.

Ready to Bake

Now that you know the basics, it is time to learn how to bake fish. Basically, this is all about
deciding on your marinade and keeping watch until the dish is done.

Fish, unlike most meat varieties, has a very mild and delicate flavor. It is easy, therefore, to
enhance its taste by choosing carefully the kind of ingredients and seasonings you put with it.
Using a marinade will help keep your meat moist and juicy while giving it a nice flavor.
Remember, however, not to let your fish sit in the marinade for longer than 30 minutes. The
acids in most marinades will give you mushy result if you let it sit a long time.

When you are baking fish, make sure that you use high temperature, about 350 to 400 degrees
Fahrenheit. That will help keep the superior flavor of the meat minus the risk of overcooking
ir. You can put it in the oven wrapped in foil or as is, like you are roasting it.

Fish cooks in the oven for 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the type, size, and quantity of what
you are cooking. Make sure to check out the list of recommended temperature controls and
cooking times for different fish varieties before you start cooking.