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by Robert Bauman et al.

* Main author of this apologizes for poor English sintax,and poor quality of
some pictures.
* However this entire elaboration has been done over many months of
hard work of me with help of few extraordinary people to whoom I give
my gratitude.

* I give my thanks to my family,who had patience during many days I spent
researching this, though I spared them of knowing this.

"My main interest lies along these broad areas, naturally assuming great plot and
The reasons for believing in the existence of intelligent extra-terrestrial life.
The impact (and perhaps even lack of impact in some quarters) such discovery
would have on Earth in the near future."

----from the first letter Stanley Kubrick sent to Arthur C. Clarke inviting him to join in
making greatest SF motion picture so far. This resuted in their joint venture in
what became 2001 A space Odyssey. March 31, 1964

In the year 2011,Swedish team of treasure hunters stumb on accidentaly on
a strange finding on the bottom of the Baltic sea.
From than on a strange event is slowly unroling, in which uniqueness of the
finding is matched by unique and unusual behavior of discoverers,media
, scientists,and government institutions.

Despite it defies common reason at first sight, a group of Internet
enthusiasts found that event of Baltic Discovery has been somehow
described in a coded fashion in one of the greatest movies of all time,
made by one of the greatest filmmakers of all time.
It is more than a movie.
Something happened in the Baltic sea in or before times when Odyssey
2001 was filmed, but not revealed to the world.
Jet Kubrick secured his signature ,he knew , and shown it clearly.

For this to be understood properly one must bee familliar with the movie
"2001: A Space Odyssey".We recommend for movie to be seen in its
entirety at least once before reviewing this even if watched it before.

The slides in this elaborate are showing scenes with comment,they are in
cronological order but conclusion is not as it requires holistic aproach .
Scenes noted and their messages dont have same degree of significance.
It is also recomended to aditionaly be infomed about Kubrick's life.
One note-Stanley Kubrick was in love with Chess ,playing it for up to 12

hours a day in some periods of his life.

It is allso recommended that reader to be informed with extraordinary
Baltic sea finding by the Swedish team of treasure hunters, Ocean X,
which sparkled the chain of events that could be remembered as

For latest developments please visit Ocean X team official page and

discussion group on facebook.

Chapters of the 2001 movie.
1.Dawn of Man,
2.Orbital randezvous,
3.Space station.
4.Moon base.
5.TMA Moon anomaly
7.Jupiter and beyond Infinite.

* Opening scene of the movie

-in a style of E.A. Poe's detective storry, the message is there, so obvious ,in
the first seconds of the film ,where nobody could expect it or search for..
-on the outskirts of the Moon a twin finding(larger circular anomaly 1 and
satellite smaller anomaly 2).
-note Kubricks approach, it is important for entire movie:The source of
light,and projection screen.In this case source of light is naturaly Sun,
and projection screen is the Moon..remember this pattern for reference