BD - Picking A Hardware Bundle For Dragon Medical Practice Edition

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BD - Picking A Hardware Bundle For Dragon Medical Practice Edition

For you to get the most from your investment in an EHR system, or just your use of
Dragon Medical Practice Edition, you're going to need the right hardware to complement
the software itself. Remember that any voice recognition software is basically converting
the sound waves of your voice into digital information, so the more accurately it can do
that the better your results will be. There's very little point in using a cheap desktop
microphone with something as advanced as the Nuance range of medical recognition and
transcription software.

A much smarter move for your healthcare practice is to invest in one of the many Dragon
Medical Practice Edition bundles -
we have on offer. At least by purchasing your hardware and software bundle from us you
know you're getting a microphone and/or digital recording device which is not only
compatible with the Nuance software itself but will also exceed your expectations.

Typical examples of the hardware bundles you should be seriously considering as part of
your overall solution might include the following:

DMPE with the Nuance PowerMic -
microphones/nuance-dictaphone/nuance-powermic-ii/ II - this way your hardware and
software are made by the same company, and also gives you enhanced control of almost
any EHR software

DMPE with a Philips SpeechMike - if you're just looking for a dedicated digital
dictaphone and Dragon medical software combination

DMPE with an Olympus DS-X dictaphone - again this combination is ideal if you rely
heavily on dictation in your practice

DMPE with a Plantronics headset - this solution is ideal for offices where
transcriptionists might need to swap between the Nuance software and a soft phone

You can choose to simply use whatever headset or dictaphone you find in your local
electronics software if you wish, but don't expect anything like the results which are
possible with any of the above bundles.

Remember the patient information you're recording needs to be as accurate as is humanly
possible, so relying on a $10 microphone isn't advisable.