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Be a Cool Dude in Long Sleeved Shirt!
Following on our blog post on T-shirts, I would like to expand more by detailing more about long
sleeved T shirts.
Long sleeve tops are absolute winners and always look good when worn with stretch skinny jeans.
Big trends on the board are ribbed textures, vintage prints and baseball tees. Wear to size for a trim
and smart look, or go up a size for a loose and relaxed style. And these shirts also come in crew neck
style or in V-neck style. They also come in all basic colors. Today's trend is to consider them as first
layer of clothing especially when winter is closing in.
Maniaclife has some neutral colored long sleeved T shirts on sale which are good to go with most of
your clothing.
Best ways to wear a long sleeved T shirt:
Basic Rule: The basic one is the layered look. You can go in for a bright colored shirt like sky blue or
maroon or even white over a neutral long sleeved shirt. The inner shirt can be either a V neck or a
crew neck which has a fly at the neckline to display a bit of neck and let in some amount of air as the
shirt is going to be a close fit.
Cool Dude Style: Go for a white or grey crew neck long sleeved shirt as 1st layer and top it with a
patterned Henley-style short sleeved shirt. Make sure the first layer is close fit, especially near arms
and 2nd layer is a bit loose and acts like a coat or a jacket. Now for the complete look, partner it with
dark colored jeans.
Get the graphic shirt involved: It is the same rule as above with the difference that, the 2nd layer of
clothing would be a graphic T shirt in contrasting color.
But then if a graphic shirt is involved, you should go with jeans in lighter color.
Same Color Family: Try and keep it simple if you are confused! For example, if you are wearing a
light red colored shade as your first piece of clothing then let the second layer be a darker shade in
the same region like maroon.
Long sleeved shirt under a statement jacket: If you happen to own a statement jacket then nothing
likes it. Wear it on a neutral colored long sleeved shirt with a V neck to enhance the macho look.