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By Julie Beryl
Student: Faculty of arts and Social Sciences
Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA)

The bible says we are made in the image and likenesses of God.
Different cultures define beauty in different ways. We as students
also define beauty in a much different way. Such that whoever is
considered beautiful is given a lot of praise and attention while those
who are considered ugly are neglected and sometimes even abused.
What is beauty really? Is it just about what someone/some people
consider attractive? What if you lose that which people consider your
most outstanding feature, do you now become ugly? How should we
really define beauty? Is it through physical or the whole person?

I think beauty that is real and true is found within an individual.
Beauty cannot be defined through physical attributes. Besides, these
fade away with time.What is wise in investing is inner beauty? Most
importantly we should get knowledge. Knowledge is power and no
matter how old we grow it never fades away. No matter how
wrinkled we will be, we will be people who are valued and respected.
Now is the time to invest. All the knowledge we need is in the library.
The key to beauty that lasts forever. We are all beautiful. The
difference is some of us get more beauty through brains. The
others..................................... Now if you think your future
husband will love u because of your looks, wait until you start getting