Benefits of Being a Pet Door Products Dealer

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Benefits of Being a Pet Door Products Deale r
At Pet Door Products, we love helping our pet-owner customers with our brilliant sliding
glass pet door solution. We are happy to offer glass window and door professionals an
opportunity to incorporate our innovative pet door product into your bu siness. We
are onboarding a limited number of glass window and door dealers and installers to
become local Pet Door Pros with our innovative Pet Door Conversion System in your
current service area and across the US. Score the edge over your competition by
offering our unique and affordable pet door solutions to your customers.
Financial Opportunity with Large Margins
The Pet Door Conversion product is commonly the highest margin item carried by our
dealers. Marketing our pet door insert to your pet-loving customers is easy and gives pets
a safe way to enjoy the great outdoors and still have access to food and water, and warmth
or air conditioning indoors. Our incredible wholesale pricing allows our d ealers to make
large margins for sales and installation.
Broaden Your Customer Base
As a local glass window and door dealer, you have undoubtedly recognized the demand,
and recognized the untapped market for pet doors and professional inst allation.
While there are other solutions available, the options are limited with mainly poor quality
products. Our revolutionary sliding glass pet door is a simple and pion eering solution
for customers looking for a quality product that will add value to their lives and the lives of
their pets.
High Market Demand for Pet Doors
A surprising 62% of American households own either a cat or dog, or both according to
recent data collected by Gallup and the ASPCA. The pet industry has more than d oubled in
revenue from $29B to $70B since 2002. Over 60% of your current and potential cus tomers
are pet owners and therefore potential buyers. Homeowners thinking about updating their
homes to include improving their animal’s freedom and well being is a poised m arket,
looking for the quality and simplicity of a high-end pet door that will easily incorporate
into their current lifestyle. There has never been a better time to enter the pet supp ly
industry than right now!
Easy Installation
Essentially, installing the insert is as simple as replacing an IG unit in a sliding g lass door.
Our Pet Door Products Conversion Kit is easy to measure and install. If you can install an
insulated glass unit, then you can easily install a pet door conversion unit. Our pet door
insert is a product your customers will love, and you will love it too because of the
easy installation, quality materials, included warranty, and best of all – high m argins.
How to Become a Local Pet Door Products Dealer
Simply click here and apply online to become a Pet Door Products
When you are approved, your company will be listed on our website, in the Find A
Dealer page as a local Pet Door Pro.
Customers searching online in your service area will be able to easily find you, based
on their zip code, for local quote request and installation jobs.
You will be given your Pet Door Products login credentials to begin placing orders
for your own customers, at our wholesale pricing.
Pet Door Products will then manufacture, package and ship your order directly to
your location.
Become a Pet Door Pro Today and Boost Your Bottom Line
Our pet-friendly patio door conversion kits are built with the highest quality materi als. Your
customers will feel confident in their Pet Door Conversion purchase with a limited 15-
year warranty on component parts, materials and workmanship. Pet Door Products is
a family-owned and operated company located in Salt Lake City, Utah. We have strong ties
to our community and we are committed to giving back to those in need. We are look ing
forward to working with dealers and installers nationwide to help you prov ide your
customers with our innovative pet door solution.
Contact us at 877-715-6798 for more in formation or if you have any questions
about becoming a Pet Door Products dealer or installer.