Benefits of Changing Your Oil at Regular Intervals

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Benefits of Changing Your Oil at Regular Intervals
When is your oil change really due? You will hear answers like every 3,000, 5,000 or
even 7,000 miles, or when you see your oil monitor on your dashboard light up. We
suggest regular oil changes every 3,000 to 7,000 miles, or every six months if your
vehicle is not often used. Low mileage cars that only make short trips build up acids
in the crankshaft, which is why you need to change their oils even if you do not use
them that much.
The engine is the heart of your vehicle. To keep your vehicle engine running longer, it
is very important to check the manufacturer’s recommendation on when you need to
change its oil. It is advisable to change your oil more frequently if you drive in
extreme dirt and dusty environments. Las Vegas oil change is considered to fall
under these severe or extreme driving conditions, where we recommend an oil
change every 3,000 miles, or three months. If your vehicle is used for towing it is also
an advantage to change it more often.
With the proper oil type, your car will be assured of the maximum possible mileage
and performance from your engine. You can change the oil yourself, take your car to
a gasoline station, or to a quick lube place, but you will really get the most benefit if
you let your mechanic change your oil. He will have all the proper tools to do the job
correctly. He is also trained to see things that you might miss (vehicle issues that
might not even be related to oil change). He will also grease your front suspension,
which is one thing regular folks might miss.
Las Vegas oil change is designed to deliver protection in all driving situations. Dirt
and moisture are hazardous offenders to your engine life, in addition to the loss of oil
viscosity and lubricity, which should be your more important concern. Oil filters trap
the contaminants, but the loss of thickness and lubricity can completely cripple your
engine. All oils thin out over time, which makes them lose their ability to lubricate.
As an engine is used, small pieces of rubber, metal, and plastic stay in the bottom of
your oil pan. Changing your oil more often will keep your engine cleaner. There are
places with a cheap oil change in Las Vegas that will not hurt your budget. is one of the places that provide cheap oil change in Las Vegas
that will ensure you get the following benefits:
Better Gas Mileage. Clean oil helps the engine run cooler in addition to the
anti-freeze, which is more efficient for your engine.
Extend the Engine Life. Regular oil change frees the engine of dirt and
debris, which will allow your engine to spin more freely with lesser carbon
build up. Your engine will not need to work doubly hard.
Shield of Car Parts. Clean oil lubricates your vehicle’s moving parts like the
crankshaft, the connecting piston rods, the cylinder walls, the camshaft, and
the timing chain (unless it’s belt driven).
Passing Your Emission Test. Dirty oil builds up hydrocarbons in the
crankcase, which raises the emission levels.
In summary, scheduling a Las Vegas oil change at regular intervals will save you time
and money, while maintaining the life of your car engine.