Benefits, types and use of laser hair removal treatment for effective hair removal

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Benefits, types and use of laser hair removal treatment for effective hair removal
Hair removal is the process of removing unwanted hairs from the body. There are several ways to
remove the hair from different parts of the body. The different techniques are ultimate light, diode
laser, Nd: yag laser, alexandrite laser, and ruby laser. Al the hair removal methods are discussed below.
The first type of hair removal method is Ultimate light method. This method is also known as pulsed
light or IPL method. Largest variety of laser colors is provided by this technique only. The color includes
green, blue, red as wel as infrared etc. This method is applicable in al types of skin and hairs. The main
advantage of the treatment is that it is painless.
Another new technology of hair removal is diode laser method. This method helps to remove the hair
and causing very less damage to the skin. The surgeon should be skil ed to do this type of hair removal.
One of the painful methods of hair removal is the Nd:yag laser method. While performing this method it
causes more pain when comparing to diode method and ultimate light method. But this method is very
much useful for effective hair removal for long time. This treatment is effective for more than six
months of time.
There is a specific method which is used special y for very white skin patients. Using this method to non
white skin color may cause many problems like burning of skin, darkening of skin etc.
The last and the final method of hair removal is ruby laser. This method is common to alexandrite laser
method. The wavelength of this method is very short. It is only useful for very fair screen tone. If it is
used for other skin tone it wil cause side effects.
For doing the hair removal procedure you need to visit the doctor for several times. It needs at least five
visits to the doctor to complete the whole procedure. There are many hair removal clinics available
some of them ask you to pay the ful amount in the first visit and some offer you to pay the amount for
each visit separately. Many clinics give discount up to 10 percentages for the customer who pays the ful
payment in one instal ment.
Avail the offer is up to you. In a payment per visit process there is an advantage that if you not like the
results then you can stop the further visit. If you pay the ful amount in first visit and some unwanted
situations occurs you wil lose your money. If you feel confident in the treatment then go and avail the
offer and get the benefits of it.
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