Best 3D Plasma TVs

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Best 3D Plasma TVs
At the time of writing (January 2011), there aren't too many manufacturers
offering this technology, and that makes the choice easier, but it's an expensive
decision and you want to get the most for your money. When you start to look at
the specs on the manufacturer's websites, the first thing that strikes you is that all
of the 3D plasma TV's currently on sale look remarkably similar. All of the TV's
that we consider in this article have 1080p full HD resolution, THX certification
and use active shutter glasses. They are all equipped with Freeview HD, have
600Hz pictures to virtually eliminate motion blur and come with 4 HDMI sockets
so that you can connect a wide range of HD-ready devices. So what differentiates
the various models, and how are you supposed to make an informed choice?
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Let's take a look at LG first. LG so far offer only two models: the 60-inch LG
60PX990 and its "baby" brother, the 50-inch LG 50PX990. These are LG's
flagship televisions, and are outstanding TV's. Sky are endorsing LG as its first
choice for 3D TV's, although this is in recognition of LG's wide choice of
products, rather than their quality. The 50PX990 costs around ??1,500 and the
60PX990 costs double that, at around ??3,000. So, although we'd normally urge
you to buy the biggest screen you can afford, it seems to us that the 60-incher is
just too expensive in this case, making the 50PX990 best value for money. The LG
screens are fitted with a TruBlack filter that blocks reflections and achieves a
contrast ratio of 5 million to one, for stunning deep blacks. You can also connect
them to the internet via the built-in Ethernet port or optional Wi-Fi dongle so you
can watch YouTube videos, use the BBC iPlayer, etc on your TV. The LG screens
are 5.2cm thick.
LG's arch-rival Samsung offer three 3D plasma TV's. These are the 50 inch
Samsung PS50C680 costing ??1,000, the Samsung PS50C7000 priced at
around ??1,400 and the 63-inch Samsung PS63C7000 costing ??3,000. The 7000
series TV's are slimmer than the entry-level PS50C680, being just 3.6cm thick,
have a premium metallic black finish, and are internet-enabled. As with the LG
TV's, you can connect to the internet via Ethernet or Wi-Fi.
And finally there's Panasonic, offering no fewer than five 3D plasma TV's. These
range from the 42-inch Panasonic TX-P42GT20B costing ??1,000 to the 50-inch
Panasonic TX-P50VT20B costing ??1,800 and the 65-inch TX-P65VT20B costing

nearly ??4,000. The 65-incher is probably way too expensive for most people, but
the others in the range offer good value. Even the entry level 42 inch TX-
P42GT20B exceeds the specifications of the flagship models from LG and
Samsung: Freeview HD and FreeSat HD, a contrast ratio of 5 million to one, and
Viera Cast (internet access). It also uses a new generation of plasma technology
called NeoPDP that delivers improved contrast and colour and greater efficiency.
The TX-P42GT20B is thicker than the LG and Samsung models however, at
8.2cm. There's very little difference between the GT20B and VT20B models, and
certainly not enough to justify the price difference, in our opinion. The VT20B
have slightly greater contrast ratios and an extra subwoofer, but that hardly seems
worth paying an extra ??300.
So, if money is no option and you can afford to spend ??3,000 or more, you're
spoiled for choice: the LG 60PX990, Samsung PS63C7000 and Panasonic TX-
P65VT20B are the very best TV's you can buy at the present time.
If you don't want to spend that much, then choose between the LG 50PX990 at ??
1,500, the Samsung PS50C7000 at ??1,400, or the Panasonic P50VT20B
costing ??1,800. All three are excellent televisions, with the LG and Samsung
offering better value for money and nicer designs too.
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At the budget level, the choice is between the 50-inch Samsung PS50C680 and the
42-inch Panasonic TX-P42GT20B, both costing ??1,000.
The best way to shop is to view the TV's in action in a shop, and then to use price
comparison websites to find the best deal for your chosen product.