Best Android App for Ramadan 2015.

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Best Android App for Ramadan 2015.
Ramadan Kareem 2015 is going to begin on 17th June 2015. So every true muslim wish and try
to get updated with all the Ramadan Times, Iftar Timings, Suhoor Timings, Qibla Compass,
Ramadan Duas and Prayer times or Salat Times. User can set location automatically and
manually both the way.
When it comes to an Islamic App for Android for Ramadan month, Ramadan 2015 app is one of
the best app for all Android devices. It is quite easy when user gets all features and useful tools
under one Ramadan app e.g, Ramadan timetable app, Qibla compass app, 99 names of allah,
prayer times app and Suhoor/Iftar timings app.
Click below image and Download Ramadan app for or you can follow below link.
Google Play : Ramadan 2015
Lets discuss one by one feature of Ramadan 2015 app.
1. Ramadan Times
As we know Ramadan is a holy month in islamic world. People do fasting for 28-29 days whole
this month. Fasting is one of the five pillar in islam. Ramadan 2015 app shows suhoor ( sehri )
and iftar timings so people can easily set their timetable for the day and next days according to
Plus it also offers alarm feature with time adjustment of alarm e.g, before 5 minutes, 8 minutes
up to 10 minutes. It can also be used as a ramadan timetable 2015 app with a complete table
view of all suhoor/Iftar timings for whole 30 days list.
2 Prayer Times:
One more best feature of Ramadan 2015 app is prayer times which also know as Salat Times in
islamic world. Muslim pray to allah in 5 times a day. Which is also one the pillar of islam in 5
pillars. App shows 5 prayer times + Sunrise time. User can set alarm for particular prayer time.
User can see next and previous days timings too.
3. Qibla compass:
Muslims pray by looking in the direction of qibla. Qibla is a direction where holy mecca is
Qibla compass feature give a perfect direction and distance to mecca in a single screen with
changing degree rotation in real time
4. 99 Names Of Allah:
99 names of Allah (asmāʾ allāh al-ʾusnā) are the names by which Muslims regard God.
Among other places, they are described in the Quran and Sunnah.
Ramadan app provide all 99 Names of allah with images and mp3 sounds for each of them.
user can listen and read all 99 names with their arabic pronunciation with english meanings.
5. Ramadan Duas :