Best Beaches in Dubai

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Best beach resorts in Dubai
Beaches in Dubai
Dubai is the most popular and best holiday destinations in the world. You can make your holiday as more
enjoyment and unforgettable experience. There are many luxurious hotel and top beaches in Dubai
where you can enjoy lot. Here you can see details about top beaches and resorts in Dubai.
The first and top beach resort in Dubai is Mina A `Salem it is part of Madinat Jumeirah beach resort in
Dubai. It covers area around 2 miles. This architect is more amazing where everyone will get attract to it.
It is in Venetian style. The appearance of this resort will make us to remember the architect of the history.
It consists of 292 rooms where all will build by facing of sea and in interior decoration where Arabic
theme. The main attraction of this resort is the veranda will be out towards the hose. The veranda will be
perfect place to see the sunsets with your food and drinks. In this resort it provides many facilities where
you can feel the village feeling but it is luxurious. Once if you visit this place you will not forget forever,
it most luxurious place where you should visit it.
Le Royal Meridian is the most amazing resort in Dubai. It is private beach and from here you can see the
amazing sight of Arabian Gulf from resort. Here beautiful garden will be available where you can get
relax by seeing this. Roses will be there in every room and bath rooms. The garden and ponds are graved
in a classic mode. Jumeirah beach resort is a five star hotel in Dubai and it was started in the year of 1997.
This hotel will be built in wave shape and it is balance to the popular "Burj Al Arab" hotel that has figure
like ship.

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