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Obtaining new customers is essential for the success of any business, however enhancing customer
relationships is just as important. The SAP Business One application offers the tools to convert prospects
into customers, expand customer sales and multiplies revenue and improves customer satisfaction.
Utilize the customer relationship management or CRM in the Sap Business One Cloud to close
business sales faster and better cater to one's customer needs. These business tools enable one to
digitalize procedures and effectively handle activities throughout the complete sales cycles, embracing
initial contact, proposal, sales closure and after sales services and assistance. Rigidly unified properties
adjacent marketing, sales and service, offers a 360-degree perspective of one's prospects and customers
so that one can better comprehend and match their requirements.
With the sales and opportunity handling systems, one can prepare quotes, punch orders and carry out
real-time availability checks across all of his warehouses and process orders. In SAP Business one, one
is able to keep track of new sales opportunities with valid information like lead source, potential
competition, bargain size and more. A business owner can also coordinate his tasks, contact information
and opportunities between SAP Business One and Microsoft Outlook while getting quick reach to
snapshots of customer information from his e-mail.
Aids guarantee continuous customer satisfaction with instant response to service and support calls. The
service handling tools in SAP Business One enable one optimize the potential of one's service functions,
service contract handling and customer assistance.

The strong reporting functionality of SAP Business One, embracing the Crystal reports software, enables
one study sales opportunities by area, customer or product, perform sales forecast, and study sales and
service division's performance.
With successfully implementing CRM systems, SAP Business One, one can productively handle one's
tasks and data throughout several stages in the sales cycle. One can also schedule and get reminders for
things like phone calls, business meetings and allotted tasks. One can also keep track of any activity that
too with detailed notes and things punched into one's calendar in SAP Business One can be coordinated
with one's schedule in MS Outlook. Additionally all the actions can be attached to customers, vendors
and business leads. For instance, one can link activities to a sales lead and after that move these
activities from one place to another from the lead screen with a single click.
The sales opportunities performance in SAP Business One enables one handle the complete sales
procedure as it continues through sales stages, as well as project revenue potential and study sales
results. For an entire sales infrastructure, SAP Business One enables one to punch new opportunities
with data regarding potential sales, volumes, customers, particular competitors or associates, anticipated
closing dates and sales stages.