Best Computer for the Money | Tips And Guidance

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Best Computer for the Money | Tips And

everyday, adding to the confusion. So the best way to
decide on what is the best computer for the money,
Best Computer for the Money | Tips And Gui-
is to question your requirement and need. The first
step is to decide between a desktop computer and
a laptop computer. Once this has been decided, come
With a wide variety of computer brands and models
the major aspects of all computers like computer
available in the market, it becomes difficult to decide
memory, operating system, computer motherboard,
on what is the best computer for the money. Here
hard disk space, processor speed, computer moni-
are a few tips and some guidance to help you choose
tor size, price, etc. But compromise cannot always
the best computeras per your requirement.
be made on the features due to the price. HP Envy
17 is considered one of the best computer for the
money 2010, because even if it comes at an upper
range, it has an unbeatable hardware.
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Best Computer Monitor for the Money
While choosing the best computer for the mo-
ney, computer monitor plays an important role.
Some major things that need consideration while
comparing a monitor are brightness, contrast, dis-
play type, power consumption, height, width, depth,
response time, viewing angle, etc. Especially during
customization of a computer, it is always good to
seek expert advise on the type of monitor needed
for a specific video card. Some of the best computer
monitors available in the market are: LG2486L, HP
2509M, Samsung P2370, ASUS VH222H-P, Nec Mul-
tiSync EA241WM.
While we ponder on what is the best computer for
Best Computer Speakers for the Money
the money, computer buying certainly becomes
very confusing. With the wide variety of models
While selecting the best computer speaker for the
and brands available in the market, it can be really
money, people should consider five important
puzzling. New models get introduced in the market
things: price, quality, bass, sound quality and size.
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Best Computer for the Money | Tips And Guidance
A good speaker without the remote control facility
comparison with other computers. These are some
can be bought within $150. Some of the decent spea-
of the best computers to buy 2010 with respect to
kers available in the market within this price range
gaming. Going through these articles on best gaming
are: Logitech Z-2300, Logitech X-540, Creative Labs
computer and best computer for gaming will also
GigaWorks T20, Panasonic RP-SPT70, Bose Compa-
help you find the best gaming computer for money.
nion 2 Series II.
When it comes to gaming laptops or desktops,
Best Desktop Computer for the Money
the configurations should be high, owing to the
advanced graphics and sound requirements. For
There are many things that need consideration
gaming laptops, it is better if you consider a proces-
before jumping into conclusions about the best
sor of 4 or 8 GB for fastest game processing. More
desktop computer for the money. The main reason
important is the graphics card which should have a
why we decide to go for a desktop computer over
video memory of 512 MB or 1 GB. A gaming desktop
a notebook computer is the memory space, flexibi-
or laptop should have a hard disk capacity of 320
lity to upgrade and the price. But on the downside,
and more, depending on the games you want to
it consumes more power, and is not easy to carry
store. To enjoy the gaming experience, it is a good
around. So within the price range you have, look for
idea if you choose a biggerscreen like one with 17
the best available options in terms of power supply,
to 19 inches. Those wondering what laptop compu-
processor speed, memory, operating system, hard-
ter should I buy for gaming can refer to some good
drive, monitor, PC security and secondary storage.
gaming laptops available.
Five best computers to buy within the price range
of $400-$500 are:
Best Gaming Laptops
* HP G5135uk (WX118EA)
* Asus Essentio CG5270-BP003
* HP Pavilion Slimline s5510y
* Acer Aspire AX3400-U2022
* HP Pavilion DV6-2144NR
* Dell Inspiron i560-2050NBK
* Gateway P-7908u FX Edition
Best Gaming Computer for the Money
Best Gaming Desktops
Gaming computers require a high memory as well
* Cyberpower Gamer Xtreme XE
as the right configuration to support complex gra-
* Gamer Infinity XLC
phics. These computers have an inbuilt cooling
* Gamer Dragon 8000
technology, an extremely necessary component in
* Gamer Infinity 8800 Pro SE
a gaming computer. The price depends on the use
* Area-51 X58 Benchmark Destroyer
of the latest processors like Intel Core i7 Extreme,
Intel Core 2 Extreme, etc. But most of the gaming
It is not easy to just point out one best computer for
laptops come with the Intel Core 2 Duo processor.
the money, because what is best for you might not

be so for another person. As I pointed out earlier,
Which is the best gaming laptop for the money? The
it is your requirement, and if one computer meets
gaming performance of these top laptop and desktop
your requirement, then that one is the best for you.
computers is worth a few hundred dollars more in
Otherwise, whatever is listed as the best computer
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Best Computer for the Money | Tips And Guidance
2010 also may not seem good, if it does not meet
your requirements. It is also very difficult to advise
which are the best computer brands as every brand
and its models has pros and cons. So consider a
few things like service, return and computer re-
pair, software, support, warranty, before deciding
on a brand. Choose wisely and get the best value
for your money.
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