Best CRM Software 2015

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Best CRM Software 2015
Looking for a better way to manage and grow your small business? Customer Relationship
Management (CRM) Software can make all the difference. Whether you're looking for a robust
CRM software solution, a simple one designed for very small businesses or a free version to fit your
budget, there's a CRM Software Perth choice for you. Our staff researched and reviewed an
extensive collection of CRM software products and picked out what we believe are the best for
different types of small businesses.
Here is a roundup of our best picks and how we chose them.
Ready to choose a CRM software? Here's a breakdown of our complete coverage:
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REVIEW: Best CRM Software for Very Small Business
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Best CRM Software for Small Business: Salesforce
Salesforce is an all-in-one, cloud-based solution that has everything you need in CRM software
Perth. Although this software is typically associated with larger businesses and enterprises,
Salesforce's small business edition lets you take advantage of the product's robust set of CRM tools
and resources at an affordable, small-business-friendly price. Part of Salesforce Small Business
Solutions, the platform is very easy to use and includes key features like lead generation, contact
and opportunity management, sales forecasting, workflow automation, and much more.
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