Best Embedded System Design Training in Pune

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Best Embedded systems training: Bicard is Best Training Center in Pune.

Bicard is Best Training Center in Pune for Embedded Systems Design and
Automotive Embedded Systems Design.
BICARD is the best embedded systems design training centre in Pune.
BICARD provides 100% job Guarantee.

Please Contact us at 9372202549 0r 020-65009400.


86/c, 5th floor,
Dyaneswar paduka chowk,
F C Road,
Pune, Maharashtra 411005
Phone: 020- 65009400
Mobile: 9372202549


BICARD is a premier institute providing training facilities for Mechanical and
Electronic engineers.

BICARD provides Best Embedded systems Training programmers with 100% Job

BICARD is an information technology consulting, manufacturing services & support
company founded in year 2000 with the mission of becoming internationally
renowned Systems Integration Company.

BICARD corporate office is located at Pune, India and has become a global company
with its business associates all over the globe.

BICARD is a total Business and engineering solution provider, enabling corporations
to sell to, market to, and serve customers across multiple channels and lines of
business, in an efficient manner. We are helping companies to be ahead of their
competition in terms of technology, both for internally as well as externally used

BICARD conducts several regular and part- time training programmes in
the field of product design, Embedded Systems, Automotive Embedded
systems for the benefit of National & International participants.

The long-term and short-term training programmes conducted by the
Institute have acclaimed good reputation among the Indian industry and
the trainees are absorbed by the industry through campus interviews

during the period of their training at the institute.

Bicard has tied up with TCIL-IT (A Govt. of India Organization under ministry of
information Technology & communications) has given BICARD a further edge.
Telecommunications Consultants India Ltd (TCIL) is a leading ISO - 9001:2000
certified public sector undertaking. TCIL, a premier telecommunication consultancy
and engineering company with a strong base in Telecommunication & Information
Technology (IT), was incorporated in 1978 by Department of Telecommunications
(DOT), Government of India under the aegis of Ministry of Communications, headed
by Minister of Communications and Information Technology.

Ornamented by the vast network of DoT / BSNL/MTNL, in terms of trained and
experienced manpower, research & development and training facilities, TCIL has
made rapid strides. TCIL has its presence in almost 45 Countries mainly in Middle
East Africa, South-East Africa, South-East Asia and Europe .Africa, South-East Asia
and Europe.

TCIL is a living testimony of live corporate dynamics, charged with gritty
determination to emerge a winner in less time than other institutions. In twenty
five years of its existence, TCIL has been consistently maintaining the high
standard of growth and performance. TCIL consistently records turnover more than
ERs 500 crores.


The maximum number of faculty from top 10 OEM interacts with BICARD students.
Over 15 Guest faculty of international repute have taken sessions at Bicard Pune.


Bicard has world class infrastructure exceeds global benchmarks in education.
To design is to create something new. This requires innovative thinking. Looking at
products do you sometimes say I could have designed this better?
Do you want to work in an innovative and enterprising arena that would challenge
your creative and problem-solving abilities? Our programmes offer all these

A fast moving and rapidly developing electronic sector. This course will encompass
a wide range of design opportunities using a mix of technological applications and
innovation with function and style.


The programs that are offered now are of duration of twelve months inclusive of
two months of on-the-job training. The courses have been updated to suit the
requirements of the ever changing industry.

For Course Information Contact us at 9372202549 0r 020-65009400.