Best Friend Application

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Best Friend Application
The best friend application. Please answer al questions honestly and truthfuly.
First Name: Middle Name:
Last Name:
Color hair:
Eye color:
Best Five Qualities:
Please list your last three best friends (First and Last name):
Friend #1:
Friend #2:
Friend #3

Who is your current or most recent best friend?:
Reason for ending relationship:
Favorite color:
Hot Sister/Brother? Yes/No
Do you like spicy food? Yes/No
What is the latest/earliest that you will accept phone calls:
Favorite food:
Favorite song:
Favorite sport:
Do you drive? Yes/No
What is your IQ:
Do you do drugs? Yes/No
If "yes" what kinds of drugs:
Crime History? Yes/No
(If Yes, write a 200 word essay explaining in ful detail the incident)
Write a short paragraph on why you feel you are qualified to be my best friend:
Do you like Chocolate? Yes/No
Do you like the middle or the crust? Middle/Crust