Best Hemorrhoid Treatment - What Is The Best Treatment For Hemorrhoids?

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Best Hemorrhoid Treatment - What Is The Best Treatment
For Hemorrhoids?

The best hemorrhoid treatment is prevention. The problem is most people do not think about
preventing hemorrhoids until they find themselves afflicted with them.

So what is the best treatment for hemorrhoids when you are in the midst of a flare-up? There
are a variety of ways that you can find relief from your hemorrhoids which include:

Over The Counter Hemorrhoid Treatments - There are many hemorrhoid creams and
ointments available over the counter. These creams will provide relief from the itching and
irritation you are experiencing.

Hemorrhoid creams will not get rid of your hemorrhoids. They are only meant to provide relief
in the midst of an outbreak.

Warm Baths - Bathing 2 to 3 times daily in a tub of warm water or a warm sitz bath will
reduce the pain and swelling of your hemorrhoid.

This technique will also help keep the area clean. It is important to keep the area clean to
avoid additional irritation and promote healing.

Ice - The coolness of the ice provides immediate relief to the area. Ice also helps to reduce
the swelling. You can apply ice as many times as necessary throughout the day.

Hemorrhoid Surgery - This is only recommended if your hemorrhoids are so severe that no
over the counter or home remedy is providing you any type of relief.

There are a variety of surgical options available to include; hemorrhoidectomy, hemorrhoids
laser surgery and rubber band ligation to name a few.

Your doctor would be able to tell you what option if best for you.

For most hemorrhoid sufferers surgery is not necessary. Most cases are manageable with
simple home remedies.

The best hemorrhoid treatment is by far prevention. Eat a diet high and fiber and drink plenty
of water daily to keep your body healthy and avoid constipation.

You should also limit your intake of coffee, soda and alcohol to prevent hemorrhoids from

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