Best Natural and Herbal Treatment for Hemorrhoid

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* Hemorrhoids i.e. piles are inflamed or sore veins in the anus and lower rectum
that can be uncomfortable, itchy, painful, and potentially cause blood loss during
bowel movements.
* There may be two types of hemorrhoids i.e. internal and external hemorrhoids.
* External hemorrhoids are situated under the skin around the anus, and the
fragile skin there can be easily irritated and hemorrhage during bowel

* Blood congeals can be formed in external hemorrhoids and cause a great deal
of pain and irritation.
* On the other hand, internal hemorrhoids are less noticeable, but spraining
during a bowel movement can aggravate the fragile surface of the hemorrhoid
and cause blood loss or pass the hemorrhoid outside the anus; this is called a
protruding hemorrhoid and can be very painful.

* Symptoms of piles includes bleeding, pain or irritation while passing bowels,
feeling of soreness, pain in the rectal region, itching, discomfort, lump on the
anus, slimy discharge of mucus, soiled undergarments, frequent urge for
evacuation, loss of appetite etc.
* There are some things which should be considered by the sufferer of

* You should always do some exercises, take a high fiber diet, avoid deskbound
life style, keep the stools soft to pass simply, try not to spend much time to
defecate, do not sit for hours in toilet, etc.
* If your work is done at a desk for 6 to 8 hours try to make a break every hour.
* Pilesgon capsules are the best natural and herbal treatment for hemorrhoid.
* This capsule is made of natural ingredients which are very helpful in treating

* Ingredients of Pilesgon capsules are Terminalia Chebula (Haritaki), Acacia
Catechu (Kttha), Vernonia Anthelmintica (Kalijiri), Extractum Berberis (Rasaunt),
Wrightia Tinctoria (Indrajau), Eupatorium Ayapana (Ayapana), Sapindus
Mukorossi (Ritha), Bryophyllum Calycinum (Hemsagar), Mesua Ferrea
(Nagkesar), Daemonorops draco Blume (Khun Shosha), and Sodii Biboras
(Shudh Takan).

* As Pilesgon capsule is made of natural and herbal ingredients so there is no
fear of any side effects. It may be consumed by any sufferer of hemorrhoids.
* It is advised to take two Pilesgon capsules with water or milk regularly for
three to four months for acquiring a good result i.e. naturally and herbally
treating hemorrhoid without any side effects.
* Along with Pilesgon capsules you may try some other homemade natural
treatments also for a best herbal treatment of hemorrhoids.

* The patients suffered with hemorrhoids should go for a diet oriented towards
fruits and vegetable.
* Banana consumption is also a healthy option.
* The Neem leaves and its flowers are also effective in treating hemorrhoids.
* A mixture made of pepper, honey and fennel is beneficial.
* It is advisable for patients suffered with hemorrhoids that they drink at least six
to eight glasses of water daily.

* Food enriched with spices and chilies should be avoided.
*All these above discussed points should be considered with the use of
Pilesgon capsules.

* These natural capsules wash out toxins, make softer stools, lighten pressure
during bowel movement and decrease inflammation of hemorrhoids to work
which are beneficial for hemorrhoids sufferers and works as an effective natural
treatment for hemorrhoid.