Best Natural Cure For Premature Ejaculation

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Best Natural Cure For Premature
Ejaculation is a response of the autonomous nervous system. Electrical
stimulation of the lumbar spinothalamic neurons is said to be responsible
for the culmination of the sex act starting with excitement, erection,
emission and ending with ejaculation. Under normal conditions, friction
between the penis and vaginal walls stimulates nerve endings and causes
pleasurable sensations during coitus, for male and for the female partner.
The act continues and after a suitable period of mounting excitement
emission occurs with the ejaculation process culminating the act
pleasurably in an orgasm.
As climax approaches semen is deposited in urethra
and ducts and pressure builds up on the closed
sphincter muscle. Continuous friction as occurs during
coitus is only one part of the process leading to
triggering the glans-cavernosovesicular reflex.
The autonomous nervous system also plays a
significant role along with the physical condition in
release of the process. In youth, excitement is high
and the trigger occurs quickly, leading to premature
ejaculation. The autonomous nervous system triggers ejaculation in which
the sphincter opens and semen is ejected with force. In some men this can
happen prematurely, within a minute or two of commencing the act and this
gives rise to sexual frustration for both partners with attendant guilt,
irritability and other negative symptoms that affect marital life. As a man
ages he can prolong duration of the act. However, the question of
immediacy is to gain control at this stage and enjoy the pleasures of life.
You can do it, naturally and safely.
There are quite a few premature ejaculation natural treatments:

1. One way is to learn control of your mind through yogic asanas and
2. Another method is to start coitus and as you feel
orgasm approach, stop and withdraw and after a
minute or so, reinsert and continue. Continue with
this intermittent indulgence until you and your partner
both are ready to climax, hopefully simultaneously.
3. A third method is to learn to strengthen muscles in
the pelvic floor and perineum through kegel exercises
for long term improvement.
4. The fourth, herbal, natural method is the best and
safest besides assuring overall systemic health improvements. Of all such
herbal remedies available, the two most tried and tested are Lawax
Capsules and Vital M-40 capsules, specifically designed to give men more
staying power and enhanced virility.
More on Herbal treatments using Lawax and Vital M-40
The vital ayurvedic herbs for premature ejaculation natural treatment are
Ashwagandha, Vidarikand, Kavach Beej, Musli, Shatavri, Safed Behmen,
shilajit, siddha makardhwaja and Akarkara. Shatavri is an aphrodisiac,
increases blood flow, balances hormones and helps you gain stronger
erections. Ashwagandha is anti-oxidant, aphrodisiac and nerve tonic too.
Vidarikand improves functions of the liver and spleen. Kavach is
aphrodisiac and levodopa from it enhances sensory pleasure. Musli
increases sperm count, rejuvenates, is a tonic and improves endurance.
Akarkara stimulates and enables control over nerve functions. Siddha
Makardhwaj improves cardiovascular functions, is a nerve tonic and cures
impotence. Shilajit strengthens and tones muscles and tissues.
Why are herbals the best premature ejaculation natural remedy?
The choice of herbs has been carefully made in preparation of these two
vital formulations based on the ayurvedic precept that virility and sexual
vigor depend on bodily and mental health. Once you do this through these

two capsules, you will gain the capacity to prolong the sex act and thus
pleasure yourself and your partner to a highly satisfying climax. Ayurvedic
herbs contained in these two capsules (Lawax & Vital M-40) are safe,
contribute to long term health and endow you with vim and vigor, without
any side effects. Try these for two to three months and the difference is
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