Best Natural Hemorrhoids Treatments

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Best Natural Hemorrhoids Treatments

Hemorrhoids can be embarrassing. The truth is that the condition can develop at any age but
gets more common among people aged over 30. Most Americans develop Hemorrhoids at
least once in their lives. Although there is no need to panic, the condition can be a real pain.
Thankfully, help is at hand and there are some Natural hemorrhoids treatments and home
based remedies to get rid of hemorrhoids.

You can follow these treatments right at your home and even avoid making a visit to the
doctor. However, for the severe case of hemorrhoids, it is essential to go to a physician for a
more intensive treatment.

Before moving on to the natural hemorrhoids treatments, let us shed some light on the
common symptoms of hemorrhoids. Some mild symptoms of hemorrhoids include discomfort
and itching in the anal bowels. You might feel a light pain with your anal bowel movements
and may also observe a sore lump in your anal area that may lead to bleeding every time you
pass stools.

Natural hemorrhoids treatment

- Eat healthy and add fiber

The first step is to have a healthy diet and eat fibrous foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole
grain cereals etc. This can help soften your stools and reduce the pain during the bowel

- Take Bioflavonoids

Bioflavonoids are actually plant compounds that strengthen blood vessels and their walls.
They also help in reducing inflammation and minimize pain and discomfort during an acute
hemorrhoid attack.

- Horse Chestnut

Horse chestnut, a herb too is strongly recommended as a natural hemorrhoids treatment.
Apart from strengthening blood vessel walls, it reduces swelling and inflammation. The
compound inHorse chestnut that actually works to bring relief from hemorrhoids is aescin.

- Witch Hazel Cream

The bark and leaves of a plant called Hamamelis virginiana is used to make Witch Hazel
Cream which is to be applied topically to the anal area. Witch Hazel is available as ointment,
distilled liquid and medicated pads and brings relief from pain, itching and swelling

Drinking less water too can lead to constipation and other digestive problems. Always use
towelettes and toilet paper that is free from alcohol as they can further infect hemorrhoids.
Keep in mind that you should not wait for the hemorrhoids to get worse. There are plenty of
other home based and Natural hemorrhoids treatments available that should be followed
immediately to get relief. Delaying the treatment can only cause the condition to worsen.
These natural hemorrhoids treatment and remedies are your best choice for getting rid of
Hemorrhoids without any side effects or complications.

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