Best Professional Resume Formats 2016 You Should Use

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Best Professional Resume Formats 2016 You Should Use
What are the best professional resume formats for 2016? We’ve gathered them for you so that
you can quickly utilize any of these when creating a resume or looking for a good template based
on your work experience, skills and professional accomplishments. Check them out below.
Best Professional Resume Templates 2016
1. Admin resume: This is one of the best resume formats in professional formatting
style. It has complete sections, including work experience to highlight your skills and
knowledge. Check it out to see if it is for you today.
2. Business analyst resume: This works for those in the management consultancy and
business analysis fields. It is formally designed without using colors, but using only a
single type of font. It also has complete sections, including career summary and
3. Admin jobs resume: You can use it if you are in the admin industry. It is complete with
good sections that help in highlighting your knowledge and skills.