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There are two option completes which can be connected to Butcher
Block Counter. The mineral oil completion is the one utilized for
cutting surfaces. The oil conditions the wood so it won't dry out,
twist, or split. Each time you wash the ledge you will evacuate a
portion of the oil. Thusly, you ought to re-apply this non-poisonous
material like clockwork or thereabouts.
Mineral oil is not waterproof, so if the top gets wet, the grain could
raise, making the wood feel harsh. So having sinks in butcher square
ledges is not a decent thought. The range around the sink will
inevitably stain, turning dim. Cut imprints from blades are effectively
sanded out, yet then you ought to re-oil.
An alternate completion utilized on wood ledges is the "varnique"
complete. This is prepared on glossy silk polyurethane complete. It is

safe for contact with sustenance, and it has a low sheen, which most
people are content with.
You shouldn't cut on butcher piece ledges with this completion in
light of the fact that cutting will evacuate the assurance, leaving the
wood presented to water and other family fluids. It is to a great
degree hard to settle cuts in this complete with the goal that you
won't recognize them.
Be that as it may, in case you're not cutting on this complete, the
playing point is that it is practically blithe. Its waterproof, so you can
have a sink removed in it. Furthermore you can spill grape juice of
red wine on it, wipe it away, and not have a stain.
In kitchens that consolidate stone and butcher piece ledges,
mortgage holders typically need to do some cutting on the wood
surface, so they need the oil complete. If you need it for looks, then
run with the varnique.

A few organizations offer Butcher Block Counter like KobiBlocks,
Amazon in numerous wood species, at distinctive value focuses. Hard
maple (otherwise called sugar maple) is the best decision for cutting
in light of the fact that it has the tightest grain and is the hardest of
the fitting woods. Lower evaluations of maple include: western
maple, delicate maple, and Chinese maple. These are all delicate
woods and they're bad surfaces that will take a ton of misuse.
Cherry and walnut are gentler than hard maple, however pretty and
more lavish. Red oak is a harsh and grainy choice, however is one of
the minimum costly decisions for wood ledges.
It may give the idea that a
few organizations are for all
intents and purpose doling
out their butcher square
grounds that they finger
joint irregular scraps of
whatever wood they have
and call it a butcher square.
Blended finger-jointed woods can have genuine issues in time and
you ought to stay far from them. So don't be similar to a great many
people who simply take a gander at the cost.
Thickness is an alternate attention when purchasing Butcher Block
Counter. The standard is 1/2" - any more slender than that is not a
decent thought. This thickness if fine up to 42" long. When you get
longer, you ought to go to 1 3/4" to anticipate distorting later on.

Any thicker is a
same as the
look of thicker
tops. On the
off chance that this is you, consider getting a 1 3/4" top and
developing the edge. This will presumably spare you a great deal of
At 2 1/4" thick (which is the following standard after 1 3/4") the
value pairs, and can about triple at 3" thick. There is no value every
square foot for butcher piece ledges, so don't even ask. Have your
size, shape, wood species, thickness, and completion and set
patterns prepared for a quote. You need to value each one piece in
light of the fact that every one of those components influences the