Best Tips and Tricks to Complete Spray Tanning Solution

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Best Tips and Tricks to Complete Spray
Tanning Solution
Schedule your Spray tanning session at night: - This may sound weird
but it will be more beneficial to have your spray tanning session at night, preferably after
eight pm, and be a tan night owl. The reason is that you will be able to head straight home
after your spray tanning session and rest in bed while the tan sets. The tan will need at least
six to eight hours to set evenly before you are allowed to get wet.
Be Prepared For Spray Tans: - Before you get yourself sprayed, you will need
to prepare your skin. You should take precautions to keep your skin injuries free before your
tanning session since you most probably do not want to have a scar that will blotch your
tan. You should get a good body scrub and exfoliate your skin on the day of your tanning
session. You may also want to shave before the session too for a nice, even tan.
Pre and post clothing: - To wear or not to wear, while you are getting airbrushed
during your spray tanning session, that is the question. It very much depends on your
preference, the end results you desire and the level of comfort you will be at ease with. For
better results, you may want to consider wearing a little underwear such as a thong with
nothing on top.
After care and maintenance:- Once you have waited at least six to eight hours
after your spray tanning session for the tan to set and going for your shower, remember to
use only mild soap or shower gel. Also, do not use brushes or exfoliates for the next one to
two weeks and refrain from excessive scrubs that may exfoliate your skin thus your newly
attained sprayed tan. After shower, simply pat dry and you may proceed to slather on your
moisturizing lotions or creams or baby oil.
Choose your tanner wisely: - It is important to choose your tanner wisely as it is
more than just your tan that matters. You should only go to a tanner or spa with tanning
services such as Revive Day Spa and Skin Care Centre that is reputable and uses professional
airbrush tanning solution. After you have shortlisted a few spas or tanners, you should call
or visit them before you decide on one and make your appointment. Check the brand of
tanning solution that they will be spraying on you.
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