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Karen Dess Hypno Therapy

About Us
* Karen Dess provides hypno therapy for patients
going through worst health problem. Karen is a
clinical member of the International Medical &
Dental Hypnotherapy Association (I.M.D.H.A),
and the Australian Hypnotherapist Association
A.H.A. ,andholdaSt.John'sSeniorFirstAid
* She provides therapy including Jungian
Archetypes, Counselling, Dream Analysis, Parts
Therapy, EFT, SMH, Kinesiology, Time Line
Therapy and Metasymbology.

* Patients coming for therapy are offered with
services in different sessions. In the first session
the therapist will work on clarifying goals and
establish the outcomes you want.
* In the introductory session we will conduct a
revised questionnaire and analysis to define what
is not working for you and clarify and define
your goals and establish the outcomes you want.

Clinic Procedures
* There are certain process that need to
be followed. Sessions must be paid for
by cash or credit card / eftpos on the
day of therapy.
* Any patients arrives late for the session
will be charged the full session fee.

Contact Us
* 25 Edwin Street South,
* Phone: 0412 911 147 for appointments
* Call now on 0412 911 147