To Make Your Laptop Battery Lasting Longer

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08/11/2011 02:40
How To Make Your Laptop Battery Lasting

dramatically. Don't expose it with bright sunlight
and place your battery near fire or any other thing
How To Make Your Laptop Battery Lasting Longer
which has temperature above 50 degree Celsius.
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Your Laptop Battery Life
4. Cut down usage of external device such as flash
disk, usb modem, iPod and other. Those devices
drain your battery power fast. Quickly disconnect
it when you have done use your device.
5. Shut down useless program running on
background. You know that any program add more
load to CPU and so drain more laptop power adapter
andDell d630 Battery life. Shut down any useless
program like iTunes, winamp, desktop search, other.
Run only important program.
This are some tips that you can use to make your
battery long-lasting. As we know those 2-3 years
usage of lithium battery can dramatically reduce
its life. But, we can do something about it to make
your laptop battery better life after 2-3 year usage.
1. If you near power supply, connect your laptop
to the power supply and don't use Battery. Unplug
your battery. Recharge all the time makes your bat-
tery's performance down dramatically.
2. Recharge only when your acer as07b41 battery is
really low. Disconnect it when fully charged. Some-
times we forget to disconnect the battery, and that
6. I would suggest for adding your RAM memory.
what make your battery's performance down. Please
As long as I know adding your RAM means allow
spend a little minute to check are your battery fully
more processing to your laptop. And it means less
charge or not, if so disconnect it.
usage of your virtual memory which drains more
power. Also if you add more RAM memory you can
3. Don't expose your battery with high tempera-
process anything faster and you will happy. Who
ture. It makes the Battery performance down so
like to wait anyway?
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08/11/2011 02:40
How To Make Your Laptop Battery Lasting Longer
7. Read the tips number 1 and I bet you will dis-
connect your Asus a32-f3 battery for a long time.
That would be bad too. A battery need to exercise
after a long disconnect period. This time allow your
battery supply your laptop by unplug your power
8. Sleep to much make your laptop's health worse,
and also the battery. Please choose hibernate rather
than sleep. Hibernate actually make your laptop in
near shut down state. It would save a lot of battery
power less than sleep.
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