Bharat gas

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PANAJI: Liquified petrleum ogas (LPG) cylinders wil be sold at market rates from June 1 after the central
government launches direct benefit transfer of LPG (DBTL) subsidy scheme on the same day, sources
LPG consumers who have completed their formalities wil receive an advance to purchase the cylinder
after the scheme is launched. The scheme wil apply to customers later as per their entitlement of nine
cylinders per annum.
The requirement to avail the subsidy includes linking of aadhar cards to their bank accounts and
providing aadhaar card details to the LPG dealers. But as only 21% consumers have linked their accounts
and 45% have upgraded their data with the oil companies, the central government has decided to
extend the time by three months upto August 31 to al ow them to complete the process for the DBTL

The LPG companies such as Bharat gas, hp gas, Indane gas etc had a meeting with north Goa collector to
discuss the issue of improving the coverage.
Four options are available to the customers to complete the formalities during the grace period of three
months. The last date ended on May 15, after a couple of extensions.
Those possessing aadhar card or e-aadhar card can submit copies of it to the bank with a photo and
approach the LPG dealer to submit the form. Others who have enrolled for Aadhar but did not receive
their card can check the status on the website. Others who have enrol ed can provide a copy of the
enrolment acknowledgement slip to the LPG dealer along with other details.
The consumers who have not enrolled can visit the Aadhar centre for enrollment and produce the copy
of acknowledgement slip to the LPG dealer.