Big Data Market: high demand for analyzing huge data patterns for decision making using big data technologies.

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Big Data Market with Focus on Supply Chain Management - Key
Trends, Competitive Landscape, Geographic & End-User
Segment Analysis (2015-2020)
Published Date: 14 October, 2013
Number of Pages: 110
Sanjay Matthews
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The Big data can be defined as the capture, curation,
storage, search and analysis of large and complex
data sets which are otherwise difficult to be process
or handle by traditional data processing systems.
These systems are currently being implemented on a
limited scale in many supply chain companies for
varied purposes.
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There is huge scope and demand for the Big Data
Market due to increasing involvement of
technology during 2015-2020.
In Big Data Market, nearly every large scale IT
vendor maintains a Big Data portfolio. At present,
the market is largely dominated by hardware sales
and professional services in terms of revenue
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Contact; #: +1-614-588-8538 (Ext:101)
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