Bill Hionas Explains the Reasons for Current Investment Demand for Gold Bullion

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Bill Hionas Explains the Reasons for Current Investment Demand for Gold

(1888PressRelease) Gold has risen against all major currencies and still offers safe haven for

(1888PressRelease) MIAMI, FL - Gold's recent spectacular rise has not been only in dollar
terms; gold has risen against all major currencies, a significant factor when considering its future
moves. Gold truly is the 'golden boy' of investors at present as it seems to represent one of very
few safe havens amidst worldwide economic turmoil.

Historically, gold has been the standard against which other currencies are measured; in fact, it is
exactly 40 years since the gold standard was abandoned by President Nixon. Many analysts are
calling for a return to the gold standard and the central banks of many countries are amassing
gold at incredible rates. True, gold is not money as such; you cannot actually take a gold bar to
your local supermarket and buy groceries; however, stores are springing up everywhere that offer
to buy gold and, as a commodity, it is highly marketable.

"With the threat of a double dip recession and serious sovereign debt issues in Europe and the
US, investors want to put their money in something they can trust," says Bill Hionas, who is
CEO of Pan American Metals of Miami, a precious metals brokerage. "Fiat currencies are so
called because they depend on people having faith in the governments that issue them;
unfortunately that faith is waning. Gold, however, has been proven to hold its value."

Certainly, gold has been an object of desire for thousands of years as mankind has been
fascinated by the beauty and rarity of the yellow metal.

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About Bill Hionas:
Bill Hionas is CEO of Pan American Metals of Miami, LLC, a group of traders, investors and
brokers who combine many years of experience to help clients invest in bullion. PAMM
provides an individual investment service and is based in Miami, Florida for convenient access
to both North and South American investors.


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