Bill Hionas says Precious Metals Bullion has Intrinsic Value

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Bill Hionas says Precious Metals Bullion has Intrinsic Value
(1888PressRelease) In times when other investments may be highly volatile, the intrinsic value of
precious metals bullion makes it attractive to investors.

(1888PressRelease) MIAMI, FL - Precious metals bullion is a unique financial instrument.
Precious metals have an intrinsic value and have been treasured and coveted by mankind for
thousands of years for their rarity, beauty and functionality. While all government-backed
currencies have, historically, eventually collapsed, gold and silver have been accepted for trading
since the fourth millennium BC. Additionally, gold bullion is being stockpiled by the central
banks of many disparate countries; there is a reason why governments choose to keep reserves of
gold, they realize its ultimate value. Inflation or devaluation can wipe out the value of cash in a
remarkably short time - ask anyone from Zimbabwe or Argentina for example - but gold holds its
value and is often the standard against which other currencies are measured.

Currently there is a sense of panic in the air as fears rise about debt contagion in Europe and the
US's credit status. Government austerity measures led to riots in Athens and London has had its
own riots also, ostensibly due to unpopular cuts in government spending on welfare. Meanwhile
there is news that France is joining the list of European countries to have debt issues. Arguably,
the stock market may have overreacted to these events, nevertheless this reaction simply serves
to remind us of the fickleness of the markets and how even a rumor can cause the value of stocks
to tumble; gold, on the other hand, just goes up whenever stocks go down.

Bill Hionas leads the precious metals brokerage, Pan American Metals of Miami, where he heads
a team of seasoned brokers, traders and investors. PAMM's team offers advice that is tailored to
the specific needs of each client, whether institutional or individual; PAMM's brokers only
recommend positions they themselves would be comfortable holding. Investors wishing to
diversify into precious metals should see for more information.

About Bill Hionas:
Bill Hionas is CEO of Pan American Metals of Miami, LLC, a group of traders, investors and
brokers who combine many years of experience to help clients invest in bullion. PAMM
provides an individual investment service and is based in Miami, Florida for convenient access
to both North and South American investors.


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