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Biscayne Labs & Keladine Creme

Biscayne Labs is most known for the production and creation of the ever popular Keladine Creme. If you
are here to learn a little more about this, then hopefully we can fill you in. Biscayne Labs is located in
the great State of Florida and has been an established entity since 2007. Keladine Creme is a
remarkable product that has been awing doctors and cardiologists all over the globe. Simply put,
Keladine is able to provide acute relief from a myriad of different symptoms including problems with the
prostate in men and women as well as chronic fatigue.
Initially, Keladine was created as a method to get rid of
built of plaque from the artery system in an effective
In the last 10 years this has truly revolutionized medicine.
Biscayne Labs is now marketing Keladine as a way to avoid
expensive surgeries and medicines that can be very
harmful on the liver, kidneys and other major internal
organs. To date, all case studies have shown amazing
Keladine works by flushing out toxic plaque and built up
toxins on and in your arteries through your body's natural
excretion system. Although the product started out for
one particular purpose, it is now being assessed to see if it
has any other properties to help cure/help other ailments
and is even showing positive side effects such as increase
of energy in already healthy adults and individuals.
Keladine Creme is in the same realm as Chelation Therapy which again is a way of administering
chelating agents to remove heavy metals and toxins from the body. This unique therapy has a long
history of use in toxicology and is shown to remove toxins such as: lead, arsenic and mercury.
A little background to this - during World War I, chelating agents were introduced as a form of therapy
when poison gas was used during this time. The first agent "BAL" was used as an antidote to the poison
gas called "lawisite" which was very popular in the beginning of the 20th century.
It is now an approved medical treatment for acute mercury, arsenic, lead, uranium, plutonium and other
toxic metal poisoning that you might have heard about. (Remember when gas became unleaded, or
when they took the lead out of paint?)
The most classic and famous case of this was when a nuclear worker named Harold McCluskey became
contaminated with americium - he was then treated by DTPA. Studies showed that this treatment
greatly reduced the amount of the contaminant within his system.
If you'd like more information please be sure to look at the many resources on the web.