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  1. Aidan Stuckert
    • A black hole is a super dense object that has an intense gravitational pull, so intense that not even light can escape.
    • There are two parts to a black hole the singularity and the event horizon.
    • The event horizon is where the gravity is super strong.
    • The singularity is a point of infinite density and zero volume.
    • First the Star is born in a nebula
    • The new star now goes through its main cycle burning fuel and creating heat as it should
    • When it is near finish burning its fuel it expands due to rising pressure within it and becomes a Red Giant
    • After this expansion gravity does its thing and makes it contract, creating a White Dwarf.
    • This White Dwarf further collapses itself making it supernova. Making a Black Hole
    • We have telescopes that can find radiation and x-rays
    • Black holes emit radiation and x-rays
    • After reception of these emissions we calculate where it is and how large it is.
    • Viola, we now know where a black hole is and its size.
    • It is said that there is a supermassive black hole in the middle of every galaxy . We have detected a black hole in the middle of our Galaxy by tracking the movements of 27 stars near the theoretical black hole in the center of our universe.
    • A wormhole at the bottom of a black hole is a possible theory of what is at the bottom of a black hole. A worm hole is like a short cut supposedly from universe to universe.
  2. Aidan Stuckert
    • Dark matter holds 30% of the universe and is some what unproved. It effects gravity greatly because of its mass. Weakly Interactive Massive Particles (WIMPs) that slip between atoms are supposedly the form that dark mater come in. Dark matter doesn’t interact with light what so ever there for making it completely invisible to the naked eye.
    • Dark energy is the dominate stuff in the universe, making up for 70%. In the big bang theory space is expanding. Notice the objects in space aren’t but the space itself is. This is due to dark energy. Dark energy is classified as energy but works in a completely different way.
    • Not much is known about dark matter or energy, but what we do know about them are simply mind boggling.
    • If we could harness the power of dark matter we would be able to create gravity fields so incredibly strong it could distort life as we know it. With dark energy there are endless possibilities including stretching the space around us and speeding up the process in which stuff expands.
  3. Aidan Stuckert
    • Unidentified Flying Object
    • Hollywood has taken UFOs to the next and unrealistic level. It is thought there are ALEINS manning the spacecrafts arriving at our home planet, Earth
    • Most people believe that these are vehicles coming from and with extraterrestrial life forms
    • Direct Sighting
      • Phoenix, Arizona- The Phoenix Lights
      • El Cajon, California- The Red Lights
    • Personnel Report
      • Bob Lazar- Worked at S-4 (bigger and badder than area 51) and reported to the press that he saw 9 saucers being worked on in this sector four.
    • Law of Averages
      • With hundreds of billions of billions of stars like our own, stands to reason that there are other planets that are suitable for intelligent life.
    • Location: 90 miles north of Las Vegas
    • Nickname: Groom Lake
    • The Point: Test “Black Budget” aircraft before publicly acknowledged
    • What does this have to do with UFO’s: There have said to be flying saucers tested here
  4. Aidan Stuckert
    • The conspiracy states that there has never been a man on the moon
    • Its was all a hoax, a fake, a lie
    • BUT WHY- They say the winner of the space race would be the victor of the cold war or at least the front runner
    • Flag is waving when there is
    • No air on the moon!
    • There are no stars in the
    • Background of the moon (set)!
    • Doctoring of photos- cross marks should be on top, people should be shaded if in shade, shadows not in agreement, same landscapes but different locations!
    • Murdered personal of the NASA directly involved with the moon landing
      • Ed White,Virgil Grissom and Roger Chaffee:Apollo 1
      • Thomas Baron : NASA rocket scientist
      • 10 NASA staff members were killed in 1967
    • Harmful Environment
      • Van Allen radiation belts around Earth would make living impossible
      • During the day temperatures on the Moon can reach upwards of 200 degrees and during the night somewhere under -200 degrees.
    • There was no lunar blast on the Moon when it landed
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