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Author: Phaust R. Phiera
BLANK pt 1.
The 3CLXV-day trip.
This is a story long written yet forgotten, swal owed and deleted, one that entails fantasy and is about to be re-written.
The very essence of magic, Aether, the one which makes every living substance come to life and form a creation is what
inhabits the magic-fueled realm of Etel, a world where many races of different cultures, colors and sizes live in, one which
hides many secrets that await this adventure to unfold and venture our young heroes into.
Introductive Chapter 1: Start, go.
What would everyone call someone who just loves sleeping? Well a Tuesday morning awaked our so called "hero" after a 12 hours sleep..
`Oh, hey Luna, why did you have to wake me up hah, stop licking me! Bad kitty! Now let me get back to sleep.
`Meowrrr, grrr'
`Oh, why is my room in such a mess?'
He pondered when.. :
`Wait, haha! It's always been like this...'---------
`Meowr' just how dumb can Blank be...
It was full of junk, the sofa was filled with rotten food and clothes, the floor had that sort of stinky smell you'd sort of vomit just breathing it, the bed was

almost broken and the kitchen was...was really no kitchen at all, all of them covered by a thick layer of dust.
`It was a pain just finding the clothes but I should get this window open before setting off to fix this smell'
I said while grasping the window open, but the sun outside was unbearable I couldn't stand it..
Unlike his room the view outside was as beautiful as usually, just a stare of the beautiful human capital Aishling was enough to mesmerize anyone, except
our young "hero" who hated everything else other than sleep.
The streets were bustling with commoners, tourists, wandering travelers, businessman, and other social ranked people of many races, each one of them with
a smile on their face reflecting the city's own beauty. The roads were made it an orderly fashion, each linked by the scent of beautiful Sakura trees, and
many shops attracting all the young folk. A little azure river crossing through the city and beautiful magic-fueled verns(gondolas) moving, but that would be
nothing but a mere nuisance in front of St. Anzio's Cathedral, one so high you would believe it pierced through the sky. It was old-fashioned and decorated
with gems, linked with a sky bridge corridor that leads to High Queen Ophelia's Castle. High Queen Ophelia's Castle was the pinnacle of the city, with its
breath taking view and the glimmering garden full of vivid flowers...
2 Days Ago:
`Let's get going Luna we have to get to the Legions board section across the city, it will be a boring trip'
`Meo' said Luna
Having taken Blank(Me) and my cat a while to travel across the town we finally got to reach the Legions board District, a district full of aspiring magicians
hoping to learn more about the ways of magic, some trying to become Elementalists, others Aether Manipulators or Holy Magic Practisians and young
heroes who brandished their way of the sword to become a Holy Paladin or a Fallow Knight, even those who wanted to learn the secrets of Archery. It has
always been like this, it was a place where they would test their skills on many missions and requests of various difficulties, in hopes of getting better, making
a name for themselves and of course making money. The legions were something every youngster looked forward to, a place to follow, a dream to conquer,
something really worth living for. But that wasn't all about the Legions District, because every successful Magician or Soldier who mastered a certain
Expertise had a guaranteed spot in one of the famous Legions, which gifted benefits like a paid bed, food, even friends and teaming to conquer different
harder scale missions, but the best part of it was the access to the Practisians District, a place where one could challenge another to a duel to hone their
skills and try reaching the "Release" magic state, an arch magic spell that lets the magicians release their true potential and reach the peak of magic. But
enough of this, I had already made my way to the Legions Board..
`So many people it tires my eyes, let's get this paper posted on the request board before we get stopped by any wannabe magician or soldier' .
`Meow..' said Luna

` Here, and a bit of there and ta-da!
Hello guilds people, I'm searching for 2 good magicians or melee users to accompany
me on my adventure and protect me. The adventure will be big but the reward will be
worth it. More information will be provided upon contact.
REWARD: 1.000.000 Lins | Meeting place: Aishling Great Square on 8-3-472 noon
DURATION: ??? Days
by Blank
`Ok I finished with posting my request on the legions board, now let's get back home and sleep some more Luna.'
and just like that 2 idle days passed by.
`Phew, since I packed my bag I should get going to see if there are any notifications on the Legions board, maybe I stood lucky and got someone to join
on my adventure, heheh. I will get all powerful and learn how to use powerful magic and make a name for myself, something like : Godlike Blank!
Powerful Magician Blank! Arch Mage Blank..!
`Mieh..' he's lost it for sure.
`What was that Luna?
`Yeah you're right whom am I kidding, at the state I am right now I am of no use to anybody, not even a single legion accepts me. I'll just be the usual
me, sleeping and taking naps while somebody else does the work for me..'
As I walked through the sunlit areas I felt a burn on my skin, just how was I supposed to make an adventure when I can't even stand the heat of the sun or
even worse people, but why even care..? Ah, I don't have time for such thoughts. After a long 50 minutes walk I reached the guild's board to see if my
request was submitted by anyone, but I really wasn't expecting much. To my surprise there were 2 signatures on the request paper whose names were: Ran,
Cyan, I rubbed my eyes just to make sure but it was real. Full of thrill I started running with Luna to reach the meeting point, I felt like the start of
everything was about to occur but then a striking image of a trafficked square full of people hit my head. Well, I couldn't do otherwise anyway; I had to go
at the meeting place but my hopes were few, people tend to disappoint anyway.
Ran & Cyan :
` Just where is this Blank, we've been here for 2 hours, it's pointless, I could be practicing my magic instead'

` Tsk it really is a waste of time, I have other duties to attend to'
` ..if it wasn't for the money I wouldn't sit and wait for someone I've never heard of, time is of the essence'
` Yeah, the money is unreal but I'm so going to kill him if he doesn't turn up..
and so they went on flaming on Blank for a while..
I had finally reached the Aishling Great Square, it was indeed packed with people, many from other continents as well, but mostly Humans, and Elves of
the Reshian Continent. The weather was gradually getting cloudy, the sun was well hidden and I found myself more comfortable since many people started
leaving the square but I had to find Ran and Cyan before they left.
`Luna, go find Ran and Cyan, they'll be around the center of the square at the Clock Tower'
`Meow? Meowrrr'
`Ok ok, I got it, let's go..
Oh, there they are Luna, those 2 standing below the clock.'
Ran was a magician, the Spell book was tied to his belt, he wore a magician's coat which had the Nolan legion's emblem. He was about 1.66 and had
blonde hair, he looked like 15 years of age. Cyan was a female Fallow Knight, you could see it from the Fallow Order's emblem on her gear. She was
around 1.78, rather tall for a girl and had black hair; she was a beautiful one around her 20s. I slowly approached them with Luna to greet them but they
seemed rather pissed off so...I waved at them and pointed them to come at my direction because it was about to start raining.
Blank: `Hello guys! Welcome, I'm Blank!'
Ran nodded
Cyan: `Hello, do you have any idea how long you've kept us here waiting for you Mr. Blank?'
Blank: `Heh, I know, sorry guys, I had an issue that kept me from coming any sooner.' (couldn't tell them I was napping..)
Ran: `Yeah, but you wasted a lot of my time, now please tell us everything about this request and explain what it's all about shortly'
Luna: `Meow meoo'
Cyan: `Aww..Y-yeah you've made us wait quite long!' (Urgh this lovely kitty, try to contain yourself Cyan!)
Luna: `Meo?' Mue-he-he-he
Blank: `Sigh, I am really sorry, now let me get on the topic of the request'
`So I've assembled you all here today to let you know about this grand adventure of mine, it is one that will last quite some time, actually a year long..
We will travel across the whole Fallowvale continent in search of some Aether-rune Crystals, but make haste, this will take us inside the Reshian

continent as well, it will last 365 days no matter what happens and we'll try to assemble around 60 of them. I know it sounds quite of impossible but I
need your assistance in this, furthermore I'm sure such a trip outside Aishling will make you learn a lot of stuff, haven't you lived all your life in the
capital anyway? It will make you test your magic and swordsmanship against many monsters and humans and thus get better. Plus you will also get the
1 million reward that's promised.
Ran: `Aether Crystals??? Your proposal sounds interesting but how can I trust you in this, how will I know it won't be a waste of time?'
Blank: `You have to take the risk, you won't go great by thinking like a magician about everything Ran.'
Ran: `...'
Cyan: `I'm willing to join but I need to know if we will be provided with food and proper bed time, also the safety of the trip.'
Blank: `Yeah, I will make do with your food and beds, but I can't guarantee your safety, I told you we will fight against many monsters, it will be risky
but that's what makes it an adventure Cyan, plus ahem..I need you to protect me during the whole trip. Your help will be crucial.'
Ran&Cyan: `What do you mean with that?!'
Blank: `I can't use magic, neither am I any good at swordsmanship, I'm sorry to say this, but you will have to do the fighting, I will be the strategist and
your head of intelligence and knowledge''
Ran: `Weak.. But just how smart do you think you are, you're annoying.'
Blank: `Guys, all I need is a little trust, I'm not used to cooperating with a team but I will need you in this one, I know you don't know me but you will
get to see if it's worth it yourselves, otherwise you can leave me at anytime, but take this chance to broaden your horizons. So..Have we reached to an
agreement ?'
Luna: `Meooo?'
Ran: `Yes..'
Cyan: `Agreed.' (Damn that kitty.)
Blank: `I'm glad! I'm really glad, thanks you guys, we will meet tomorrow at 7 p.m. right before sunset at the Aishling Port, make sure to pack your
backpacks with your needs.
Ran: `Just make sure you won't delay us any further like you did today.'
And so we all parted to our respective ways and left.
Ran: What do you think of this? This guy was shady, did you see, we didn't have much choice in asking him further question. He was all dressed in
black and that weird black cape with a Legion emblem I've never seen before, I doubt how much we can trust him.'
Cyan: You're right, we will need to keep a close eye on him from now and see how this goes. I'm sure as he said this trip will makes even stronger so
I'm willing to take the risk. (Go big or go home!) Anyway let's go get ready, goodnight Ran.

Ran: I guess you're right, let's be at the port tomorrow, goodnight!
The day was over, tomorrow I'm setting out in search of Aether-rune Crystals, it will be long and hard, I hope Ran and Cyan can fare well, I'm thankful
their legion master Mr. Black made those 2 sign for this quest. It will be tough without my help but I'm sure they can use this opportunity to their
advantage. But enough wasting precious sleep time. Time to enjoy a good night's sleep before my big adventure.
`Goodnight Luna, sleep well for tomorrow'