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The Story of the Blocked Ones
a tale of how few so different turned so alike
Claimer: I do not own any creations created by the queen J.K. Rowling. Everything is hers.
Chapter 1

Everyone knew when she was coming. Every corridor would split in half like the red sea. She glanced
at no-one, as no-one was worthy to be catching her eye. Only few got contact with her, giving them a
graceful smile as she passes by. The rest needed to get out of her way for the consequences were not
to be dealt with.
Though she could be nice - helpful even. But only to those wearing green and silver. The first-year
Slytherins would follow her to the common room as she spoke clearly and loving about the house.
After the five minute walk to the dungeon, it was clearly that no witch or wizard did not feel at home
in Slytherin after her story.
Her prefectbadge would therefore always shine on her chest. She finished her fifth year with honors,
ready to start her sixth year with same pride. It was the third day of Hogwarts in 1995. Professor
Umbridge was the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, Harry Potter was mental and few so
different would turn so alike.

`Katie, you have your tie on backwards.' Tasha sighed, re-adjusting the tie of the unknowingly first-
year. Herself being a second year had not much to say - but it was saving her housemate from
making a fool of herself.
Gryffindors weren't high on the rank of respect these days because of the craziness that was Harry
Potter. The least she could do is make the best of it. `There - all fixed.' And she let go of her friend's
A wave of whisper filled the hall they were waiting. Everyone was cradling as close to the walls as
they could. One Hufflepuff slamming herself against the window. Almost automatically Tasha
stepped back, knowing what was coming. Only Katie was left in the middle of the hall, annoyed by
the tightness of her Gryffindor-tie.
`Kat-` Tasha started but it was too late. Katie turned around to see what caused a shadow over her -
staring in the eyes of a tall and older girl. Her hair was long and dark red, flowing over one shoulder,
leaving the other one free. With reason, considering her purple prefect badge almost blinded Katie.
The dark hazel eyes of the girl were emotionless. Or if the emotion was definable it was pure
`Hello.' The girl said - making everyone gasp. Her voice was forced low, on a key it was perfect and
scaring. Katie felt naturally she had to be frightened. She swallowed loudly, making everyone hear it.
`I am Daphne. Welcome to Hogwarts.'
`I - I'm Katie.'
The entire hall gasped again. It was like she said the name of You-Know-You.
`No, you're not.' Daphne replied.
`I - I'm not?'
`No.' The Slytherin girl said. `You are in my way.'

Katie was pulled back slowly by Tasha, freeing the path for Daphne. She walked by without glaring at
Katie again, followed by two other Slytherins. One dark-haired with an arrogant posture and one
with purple hair, not really caring what people might think.
When the trio was out of sight - the entire hall started to breathe again. Chatting on a low volume,
staring at Katie to wonder how she was still alive.
Tasha took immediate action and pulled her into an empty classroom. She started to search Katie as
if she was meant to be wounded.
`Who was she?' Katie asked breathless.
`The girl I told you about.' Tasha checked Katie's legs.
`Wha- what? The troll? She wasn't really troll like.'
Tasha came back up and pulled Katie's glasses up, checking both eyes.
`What are you doing?' Katie asked, feeling half blind without her glasses.
`Checking whether she didn't hex you or something. I think she did nothing, how odd. Maybe she
isn't as good in magic as she makes everyone believe.'
Tasha stepped away from the girl.
`Oh - she is good I'm afraid, created the finest potions ever made.' a new voice said. Tasha and Katie
turned around to see where the sound was coming from and a boy appeared from a dark corner. He
had dark hair and glasses. Tad shy-ish.
`Who are you?' Katie asked in a rather rude way.
`Karl's the name, Ravenclaw the fame. Witnessed her at potions one time, she was the only one to
handle lubalug-slime. Pity for such a talented witch, she is a complete and total bitc-`
`Excuse you -` Tasha interrupted. `Why are you speaking in rhyme?'
Karl turned red and eventually turned a bit dark and mean.
`One of the Slytherettes caught me around the Slytherin common room, wasn't supposed to be
there, I presume. She casted a rhyming curse, forced to talk now in verse.'
`The Slyther-` Katie started but was interrupted by someone entering the classroom.
`Karl? You in here? I got your owl.'
It was another girl. Older than everyone else in the room, a sixth or seventh year student. She was a
Ravenclaw. Indian roots flew through her blood.
`I am sorry I had to call for you, but I have no idea what to do!' Karl said, sounding embarrassed he
had to ask for an older girl for help.
`It's okay, Karl - did Ana do this?'
Karl nodded.
`It's ridiculous, it's the third day of school - you need to stay away from them.'
`He was around the Slytherin common room.' Katie blurted. The new girl stared at the two
Gryffindors as if she just noticed them. Her eyes flickered rapidly back to Karl.
`Is this true? Karl, how many times do we have to get over this. If you want to succeed at Hogwarts
you need to stop bugging the Slytherins.'
`But they cheat! It's all over the street!'
`They do not, Karl. As Head Girl from Ravenclaw I have spoken to the Slytherin prefects and there is
nothing bad they're doing. And to be honest, you being cursed is kind of your own fault. Lurking at
the Slytherettes.'
`Who are the Slytherettes? And who are you?' Katie asked, being frustrated no-one heard her. The
Ravenclaw girl shook her head.

`I am sorry, young Gryffindors - I am Debopriya, call me Deb. Head Girl of Ravenclaw house, seventh
year and apparently babysitter of Karl.' She shook the hands of both girls while they introduced
themselves. `Nice to meet you.'
`The - Slytherettes?'
`Oh right - the Slytherettes. It's the three of them. Daphne being the leader, followed by Lauren and
Karl sniffed hearing Ana's name. Deb glanced at him.
`They're like these idiotic mean girls, thinking they rule the school. I remember Daphne getting
sorted, I was in my second year. She swaggered to the stage, flipped her hair and in two seconds the
Sorting Hat screamed Slytherin in dismay. She wasn't really bad the first year, an ambitious girl, acing
all courses. But it was in the second year when the Slytherettes became a fact. It started when
Daphne met Lauren, whome's hair was blue when she came here. It's not really a secret they're
more than friends - they made everyone's head turn by showing up at the Yule Ball together last
`Then came Ana. She caught Daphne's attention at Defense when she made professor Lockhart's
pictures dressed up in drag. It was all over the school. Evil was born. But I should add - they're
alright. Good students. I had a chat with Daphne in the train, she simply prefers to be feared than
Katie raised her hand as if she was in class.
`But how come she's feared when she does nothing bad? I only hear that Ana does some witchcraft.'
Debopriya swallowed. `It happened in her third year. Daphne's a bit touchy when it comes to her
house. It was when the Chamber of Secrets was opened and she walked in to a riot of a few other
houses proclaiming all Slytherins should be banned from the school. I was trying to calm everybody
down, but when Daphne walked in, seeing a Slytherin flag being burned. Well - let's just say it wasn't
pretty. All rioters ended up with an awful flu. No-one could prove it was Daphne, but everyone knew.
She probably created a poison that only affected the rioters and did it in the pumpkin juice that
night. The whole school had the same pumpkin juice, but only the rioters were affected.'
A bell went.
Tasha immediately ran up to the door.
`Sorry, I have got Transfiguration. Katie - you have class too. Nice to meet you, Deb. You too, Karl.'
`I'm taking Karl to professor Flitwick to get rid of his rhyming.'

With their pinkies arched in together, Lauren and Daphne walked through the corridor on their way
to the dungeons.
Ana was going through her and Lauren's schedule.
`Next hour we'll have Defense from that new teacher.'
`The pink toad?' Lauren asked. Ana nodded confirming. `Well she is just a lovely sunshine. I quickly
turned my hair purple when I saw her, I don't want people to think we're related or that I am a fan.'
Daphne smiled.
`I have potions in an hour. Only seven people in my class. Should be fun.'
She was one of the few who considered potions to be "fun". Slowly she pulled Lauren a bit closer.
Sixth year was bound to be wicked. Even though the world was upside down and Harry Potter
proclaimed the Dark Lord had returned. Her parents said they did not worry, but her parents lied

`Salomons!' someone yelled. Daphne froze in the middle of the corridor. Lauren and Ana had already
turned around and by their faces it was not something to worry about. Slowly Daphne turned around
to see Mohit Jain of Gryffindor. He was a sixth year as well, prefect and all.
He walked towards her with steady steps, going through words as his lips moved fast.
`Mohit.' Daphne said. `Why do we own this pleasure?'
He stopped four feet away from the trio. `I heard you had a little - interfere - with a few of my first-
Daphne had to stop and think about it. A girl with a tight Gryffindor tie and glasses popped up in her
`Only one.' she answered. `She survived.'
Mohit nodded, adjusting his own tie and packing up his sentences.
`Just - just don't harm them.'
Daphne raised her eyebrows.
`Gryffindor is in a sneer already because of this Potter business - and just, just don't make them
believe you're like royalty or something. It's already hard enough the first few days.'
A little snicker escaped Lauren's mouth while she pinched Daphne's hand.
`That's alright, Mohit - my blood isn't blue.'
He nodded again, turned around and left. Daphne herself turned around too.
`It's green.'
With three evil grins the trio continued their walk to the dungeon. Unknown of what the day might

Lauren purred goodbye to Daphne as she dropped her off at defense.
`Enjoy.' Lauren said while her girlfriend headed to the dungeons for Potions. The last hour they did
nothing else but scaring young new students and helping new Slytherins to find their way to class.
The Slytherins sensed right away they didn't have to fear the trio.
Ana even taught a girl named Lydia how to let others get lost by sending them into the untraceable
hallway. First weeks of the year were always the most fun.
A little pull into the classroom reminded her that she was needed there. Ana slowly pulled her
through the door as another student went through it. He was looking down, trying to be invisible.
Lauren had to knock that out of his thoughts.
`Freak.' she sneered as Harry Potter ignored her and went to his seat. She knew he heard her. Right
as she was to follow Ana, a voice in the hall caught her attention.
`Daphne!' the voice yelled. Lauren stiffened instantly and turned back to the hall. A boy ran by the
door, following Daphne who stopped walking after hearing her name.
The boy was from a different house, yet showed no fear to Daphne. He was in the same year as
Lauren and Ana - except he was a Ravenclaw. Daphne let him speak to her, nodding even in
agreement. She smiled at him before turning around and continue her walk. The boy too turned
around, heading for the classroom Lauren was standing in. He had a grin on his face Lauren felt like
punching off.
He was just about to pass her in the door when he noticed her.
`Lauren.' he said with a low voice.
`Joseph.' Lauren muttered.
`Nice hair.'

Without noticing Lauren's hair was turned green with envy. She muttered some unkind words about
his face before he went to his seat.
`Hem hem.'
The new professor appeared in front of class. Pointing with her eyes Lauren should sit down. This
was going to be a long day.

A stroke of long blond hair fell in front of Tasha's face. Bored she blew it back into place. Today was
world's longest day. First with the confrontation with the Slytherettes, then Transfiguration where
she successfully turned a parrot into a `I love London' mug - while it had to be a vase and let's not
even start about Potions.
Tasha saw Daphne speaking to professor Snape. They were low muttering and professor Snape did
not seemed interested or convinced. Daphne ignored Tasha as she left the classroom, as if she should
pay attention to her at all. She simply left with a last flip of her hair.
Luckily enough - the day was almost over. All that remained was food.
She sat down opposite Brandon, who was feasting on a piece of chicken. The Great Hall was oddly
quiet tonight. Everyone was enjoying their meals in silent. Brandon broke the silent by swallowing
`Did you hear about puking pastilles?'
`Ew, Bran - I'm about to eat! No need to mention puking.'
Brandon was in the same year, also a Gryffindor.
`They're really great! I'm going to try one out when we got class from the toad. I heard she was
horrid to the fifth years today.'
A roll of laughter filled the Great Hall. Tasha turned around to see why everyone was laughing. It was
definitely not about Daphne who just entered, walking to her table in an elegant stroll. It surprised
Tasha she didn't sit at the head of the table considering she already thought she ran the school.
Instead she sat down next to Draco Malfoy, who was staring deeply into Ana's eyes.
The laughing continued as someone placed herself next to Tasha. Brandon choked on a potato from
laughing. Katie sat frozen on her seat, her hair all tangled up with feathers.
`What happened?' Tasha asked. `Who did this?'
`Nobody did. I just - had a little accident.'
`Your hair is a chicken.' Brandon said.
`Brilliant.' Katie started to scoop up food on her plate, ignoring the feathers. `I just had a little
accident at Transfiguration.'
`Doesn't look like an accident.'
`Well it was.'
Nobody seemed convinced and Mohit wasn't for sure. He meddled in the conversation, shaking his
head when Katie mention some Slytherins and he walked up to the Slytherin table at once. Mohit
was feeling exceptionally brave today, facing the Slytherettes twice.
`Salomons.' he said as controlled as possible. The girl herself was just chewing on a dessert-looking
thing. She didn't stand up or got in defense when he started the subject.
`It involves a few of the first years. Slytherins and Gryffindors.'
Daphne wasn't in the mood for such trifles. `Can't you discuss this with the fifth-year prefects?'
Flickering at Draco who was actually snogging Ana during supper.

`Brilliant.' she muttered. With a sigh she threw down a piece of her dessert. `Did the chicken
mentioned any names?'
Mohit turned silent. `No.'
`So she just mentioned some Slytherins?'
`First - years.'
`First year Slytherins who just did three days of magic?'
`What's going on here?'
A blonde girl from Ravenclaw joined Mohit. Her name was Summer, a sixth year prefect as well. They
all met last year in the train. It was a habit Mohit would turn to the Slytherins too fast and Summer
always jumped in as the peacemaker.
She wanted us prefects to stand united - not divided by houses. Pity she hadn't succeed yet in a year.
`The Slytherins have -` Mohit started.
`Were there witnesses?' Daphne interrupted, starting on her dessert again.
`I - don't know.'
`Well, neither do I. Considering I didn't cause it, I have no idea what you are talking about. I'll just -
just let me - you!' Daphne's green painted finger pointed at a boy who was trying to leave the table.
He was a first year Slytherin, shyly blushing. She beckoned to the boy, demanding him to come
The boy burst out in words of a minor spell fail during Transfiguration. He apologized several times
that it wasn't on purpose to Mohit and said he will make up to Katie.
`Well, Mohit.' Summer started, smiling gratefully. `That solves it all - it is not like you were perfect at
your first spells here at Hogwarts. Let us leave the Slytherins and let Daphne handle the rest. Also,
Daphne -`
Daphne looked up while she chewed on a piece of chocolate, already forgotten the matter. The boy
was still standing there, waiting for his verdict.
Summer continued: `I think we should have drinks at the next Hogsmeade weekend. Just us sixth
year prefects - we have a whole summer- ` she laughed at her own name, `to catch up about!'
Mohit grunted a `Fine.' And Daphne smiled in a dishonest way.
`Excellent!' Summer clapped her hands. `I'll go to the Hufflepuffs. I'll sent you two an owl. Bye!'
It surprised Daphne that she didn't skip away. She shook her head a little to let everything sink in and
turned to the frozen boy. Mohit left without saying anything more.
`So -` Daphne started, picking up something from a tray that looked like a twisted red wand. `Sit
down. What's your name.'
The boy sat down opposite of her. `Jarrett.' he murmured.
`And how on purposely was that spell?'
`Good - now skoot. Walk away, look depressed and cry if you like.'
Jarrett slandered off looking down in believable shame. Softly moaning Daphne unpacked a potions-
book from her bag. The book was old. Wrinkled and partly burned. There was good reason for it
considering the book came from the restricted section.
`There you are!' a voice said making Daphne smile instantly. She looked up from the book and stared
into the eyes of her girlfriend. Lauren smiled, waiting for Daphne to stand up and walk away with her.
Daphne slowly packed her book again.
`You got the book?' Lauren asked in wonder.

`Yes.' Daphne stood up. `Didn't even had to confundus her. Professor Snape gave me the slip
yesterday for research.'
Separated by the long table they strolled towards the door. They kept on talking as they walked.
`How did professor Snape react to your research proposal?'
Daphne made a face.
`Not positive? How absurd.'
`Blah, blah, myth, blah, blah witch hunts.'
They reached the end of the table. Lauren held out her hand so Daphne could hold it. Together they
reached for the door to open it.
`So you'll do it anyway?' Lauren asked.
`Of course.'

Chapter 2

`Karl? Are you sure this is a good idea?'
Paris had no idea what she was doing. She was simply following Karl towards the dungeons. Not even
just normal walking: they were sneaking.
`It's the perfect plan. I know where it is, we'll set the trap and leave as if nothing happened.'
He was officially determined to get back on Ana even though it has been weeks since the rhyming
`This is ridiculous, Karl! You're not even sure that the Slytherin common room is there! It could be in
another dungeon.'
`I am hundred percent sure that it's there. We're not going inside, we simply leave it at the door - as
a present.'
`A cruel one.'
Karl ignored Paris's comment on his so called present. This was not going to pass unpunished. The
Slytherins must learn that a second year Ravenclaw was not to be crossed with. He had planned this
for weeks.
It was a Friday afternoon. Most students were at their last courses while preparing for the weekend
before Halloween on Tuesday. Karl had the luck he was dismissed from Herbology due an incident
with a Mandrake. Several people fainted.
As soon as he left the greenhouses he headed to the Ravenclaw common room to pick up the
"present" for Ana. The box wasn't particularly heavy, it was just too hard to hide.
`Almost there.' he whispered. He fastened his pass towards the door that should lead to the Slytherin
common room. Victory was his - until a voice interrupted his inner head dance.
`Well, well - well. What have we got here?'
On the stand of a statue the older girl was leaning against a wall, turning her wand around her
fingers. Ana was to be feared with curses. When she was given her wand at Ollivanders, even the
wandmaker himself feared the hexes coming from her wand.
`Two little Ravenclaws.' She stopped twisting her wand, holding it firm in her hand, ready to attack.
`Heading places they are not supposed to be. Luckily passing me.' She added a little laugh. `Well, my
little Ravenclaw friends.' Slowly she let herself down from the statue. Even on the floor she was taller
than the two twelve-year olds. Karl was hoping when reaching her age he was taller.
`That's a pretty little box you have got there.'
Karl clenched to his box. `It's for p-potions.'
`I'm sure it is. Especially because it's halfway last hour before the weekend and potions classroom is
on the other side of the dungeon. Very clever. But if it is for Potions, maybe we should had it over to
He stepped back so quickly his glasses balanced on the tip of his nose. Daphne with his box: it would
be a nightmare. Ana had the ability to harm him with a wand, but Daphne would poison him straight
`I guess not.'
Ana was getting tired of talking and decided to ban away the box. With a loud thump the box landed
in the middle of the dungeon. It shook a bit and one lid opened.
`Oh no.' Karl said.
`OH NO.' Paris cried.
`Oh fu-`

The box started to quiver, jumping higher and finally bursting out a green slime. It sprayed
everywhere, covering every inch of the dungeon - including Karl, Paris and Ana. They didn't even had
time to run or react. Ana didn't dare to open her eyes until she was absolutely sure the spraying had
For a minute it was completely silent until wet footsteps filled the dungeon.
`What the devil -`
It was Daphne. Karl opened his eyes - but only saw green slime on his glasses. A warm feeling
followed, feeling all the slime being erased from his body and eventually seeing again. He stared at
her. Eyes were more green than hazel and they were spitting fire. Ana too was slime-free and
immediately stood next to Daphne.
The dungeon was completely spotless - Daphne knew her ways with vanishing spells. She was
holding a silver looking cauldron under one arm and held her wand out in her hand.
`Leave.' she whispered in a way like she's been hanging out with professor Snape lately. Paris and
Karl slowly walked backwards and as soon as they saw themselves as safe they ran for it.
Not until they were at the third floor they dared to breathe again.
`She did nothing!' Paris said in shock. `Nothing! Just made the slime disappear and let us go! I hate to
say it but, I'm disappointed.'
`I - I don't know! No questions, no threats. Nothing!'
They stumbled up the stairs.
`Maybe she got scared?' Karl said. He hoped this was true - he would be seen as a hero. The man
who tamed the snake. But his feeling of heroism faded when a whole group of Ravenclaws ran down
the stairs.
`What's going on?' Paris asked.
Debopriya stopped halfway. She took a deep breath. `The entire Ravenclaw Common Room is
covered with an icky green slime. It came out of nowhere like two minutes ago.'
She excused herself while guiding the younger Ravenclaws down.
`So much for no revenge.' Paris mumbled.
`Indeed.' Karl sighed.

People were still talking about the slime incident. Even during the Halloween feast it was the only
topic everybody could speak of. One side blamed the Weasley Twins, others Harry Potter but only
Karl, Paris and the whole of Slytherin knew it was that evil ginger. Daphne did not seem bothered by
it at all. The silvery cauldron was in front of her on the table during the feast; she carried it around to
everywhere. Sometimes Tasha caught her putting an ingredient in it, at most absurd places and
moments. She was brewing a potion and still tried to maintain her normal school life. Tasha looked
away from her when Lauren caught her staring at her girlfriend.
Brandon was eating enough for the entire house as usual. Katie was dressed up as a cat - nothing
new there and Mohit was talking to a seventh year. They were discussing Quidditch strategies.
`No, Roberto - it would be impossible to pass that bludger.' Mohit said. `He would have to stay on
the right.'
`Not if the bludger was not to be found there.'
Roberto was a big bloke and obviously ready to leave Hogwarts. He already looked like he belonged
training dragons in a far away land.
`Happy Halloween!' a giddy voice said and Summer appeared next to Mohit, wearing an enormous
hat with a pumpkin on it. `I know it's not Christmas, but what the heck!'

She handed Mohit a muffin in the shape of a pumpkin.
`Erhm, thanks?'
`You're welcome! Gave one to Daphne as well, I'm glad she's a sweet tooth otherwise I would have
been grinded to bits - haha, kidding.'
`Or are you.' Katie mumbled dark.
`Does anyone know what's in that weird cauldron? She even brought it into Divination and no-one
cared! And during Defense she practically murdered Umbridge when she said the cauldron was not
`I wish she did.' Roberto suddenly said.
`Beg my pardon?'
`Kill Umbridge.'
Everyone turned silent after those words. Because even how cruel it sounded - they all knew they
wished it was true.