Choosing The Right Laptop for your Budget | Laptop Usage Tips

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27/09/2011 04:19
Choosing The Right Laptop for your
Budget | Laptop Usage Tips
uses will be, you can start designing your optimum
laptop computer.

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The first decision you must make in your design
is screen size. Typically, a fifteen to sixteen inch
monitor will provide the lowest price point for a
standard laptop. A screen that is a few inches smaller
or larger, will increase the overall cost.
The next design decision is processor speed. Simply
Choosing the right laptop to fit your budget is put, the faster the processor, the more the cost. If
important for any computer user. How does
your needs and budget are on the lower end of the
one make this crucial decision? There are
spectrum, you will be fine with a base processor
many factors to consider when purchasing a laptop,
speed; however, if your needs are more advanced
while keeping one's costs under control. Unders-
and your budget is a bit higher, then you will want
tanding what components drive up the purchase
to have a processor that is on the higher end of the
price while maintaining functionality is a lesson
spectrum. The price difference in processor speeds
that anyone wanting to purchase a new laptop must
can be as much as $300 or more depending on brand
and capabilities. The difference in processor speed
gives the most significant price fluctuation when
The first thing that one must establish prior to pur-
building a laptop.
chasing a laptop is the initial price point that fits into
one's budget. The next step is deciding what you will
be using your computer for. Will its primary use
be for general computing, like internet browsing,
checking emails, and creating simple documents; or
are your needs more complex, like gaming, audio
and video streaming, or programming? Knowing
your needs is essential. The last thing you want to
do is over purchase or under purchase. Once you
know how much you want to spend and what your
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27/09/2011 04:19
Choosing The Right Laptop for your Budget | Laptop Usage Tips
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The next options that you will need to consider are
random access memory size and storage space. The
price difference between these options is typically
now more than thirty dollars per step. Just like
with processor speed, the main thing to consider,
in regards to how much memory you will need, is
directly tied to your needs and budget.
The last things to consider are the "bells and whistles"
you may want in your new system, like integrated
web cam, anti-virus software, or blue tooth capabi-
lities, to name a few. Each option has its individual
cost. If your laptop use may include video chatting,
then you will obviously want an integrated web cam,
which is typically only twenty dollars.
The best option is a free laptop, but since this not
a usual option for most people, building a laptop
within the parameters of a budget is very important.
If you can follow the steps that are outlined above,
your purchase process will be easy. Just know how
much you would like to spend, and what kind of
functionality you would like, and you are well on
your way to a sensible purchase that will give you
everything you need in your new laptop.

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