Board Of Gujarat Syllabus

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Board Of Gujarat Syllabus
Board Of Gujarat Syllabus
Business Management & Administration
Unit - 1 Form of Business & Objects
Concept of Business & its characteristic features
Business-Profession & service - Their outstanding characteristic features.
Objects of Business Economic objectives & Social objectives
Business Risks & Uncertain - ties - Their Nature & Causes.
Role of Profit in the Business
Development of Business Activities in India - Comparative picture of the past with the present
Unit - 2 Organization of Business
Classification of Business activities - Commerce & Industry
Classification of Industries
Basic (Core), Infrastructure & Salesicliavey
Trade & its kinds
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E-commerce - its meaning, opportunities & Merits, Means necessary to make E-Commerce a
success, security & precautions (necessary) for Business Transactions.
Out-Sourcing - Services available from external sources - Financial Services, Advertising Services,
Courier Services & Consumer Oriented services - Their Nature, Need & Kinds.
Unit-3 Services & Business
Need for Banking services - Types of Banks, Functions of commercial banks.
Insurance Service guiding Principles of Insurance concept - Type of Insurance - Life Insurance &
general Insurance (Fire Insurance & Marine Insurance), Insurance so cover-up (cloths) other risk,
Medi Claim. (Health) Insurance.
Communication services - Posts & Telecom.
Role of the Development of Modern Means of Communication.
FAX, Internet, E-mail - Their Meaning & Utility
Wave housing services Type of Wave houses & Functions.
Unit - 4 Forms of Business - Ownership & their Formation.
Meaning, Characteristic Features, Merits & Limitations of the fol owing forms of Business
Individual Entrepreneurship business (Sole Tradex)
Partnership - Main Constituents of partnership deep, kinds of partners, Formation of partnership &
H.U.F. Business
Co-operative society
Joint Stock Company
Types of Company :- Private Co., Public Co. & Deemed Public Cos., Privileges of Private Cos.
Selection of form of ownership
Factors to be considered at the time of selecting the Appropriate Form of ownership.
Opportunities & scope of Developing a smal scale unit (S.S.I.)
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