BP Sorell: Sixty Years and More to Success

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BP Sorell: Sixty Years and More to Success
There is only one name to call when it comes to quality automotive repair and car services in
Sorell, Tasmania. For more than sixty years in operations, BP Sorell has gained a lot of loyal
and satisfied customers. They've been offering all type of vehicle mechanical repairs, Brake
Repairs, tyre check ups and replacements and car service within Hobart, Eastern Shore and
Sorell. This company is also one of the more reliable Tyre Retailers in the area. Have you
ever wondered how they were able to maintain this kind of business for a quite a long time
now? There are actually a few reasons why this company still exists and why it never runs
out of new clients.
Affordable but Reliable and Personalized Services:
This is the foremost reason why patrons love BP Sorell. They offer reasonably priced
packages and services without compromising quality. The company also offers work
guarantee for 12 months or 20,000km. Moreover, they only employ licensed and experience
manpower who are responsible, trustworthy and experts in their own field of specialization.
They are also trained to provide the best possible personalized and friendly service both to
new and repeat customers.
Online Booking and Quotation:
Another reason to keep on coming back for this company's services is their online booking
and quotation services. Sometimes, certain situations would arise causing you to delay your
plan to have your tyres and brakes check. There's no need to worry. BP Sorell now has this
online facility for patrons to be able to book in advance. On the other hand, if you need to
know how much you should prepare for a particular job, you can have it quoted online.
These two online services are added convenience for busy clients.
Exciting Monthly Specials and Free Roadside Support:
Every month, BP Sorell offers exciting promos. This is one of the many ways the company
shows their clients that they are being valued. In addition, a free roadside assistance is given
to a loyal client for every service that he/she avails. The complementary Tasmanian
Automobile Chamber of Commerce (TACC) Roadside Help is valid up to six months and
can be availed anytime of the day.
What else would you look for in an automobile service and repair shop? With the add-on
online facilities and monthly perks, this auto mechanic specialist can provide all the services
you need to keep your car running in good condition. Trust only the company that knows
how to value and keep customers. Trust only BP Sorell.