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All About "Brain Games"
It may not seem all that prevalent, but playing brain games has become quite the sensation in
therapy and treatment of memory loss. We all know that growing older is accompanied by
memory loss, mental clarity and brain processing power, but do we really know the whole truth
on the matter? A study concluded that the average human brain power peaks at the age of 22.
That is to say that the brain is at a slow declination wince the early twenties. Another study
discovered that in the last fifty years mental disorders such as Alzheimer's, dementia, and
memory loss have increased by 50 percent. For years we thought that there was no hope in
recovering from the side effects of aging but there is hope. Katie Hafner of the New York Times
stated that, "there is a gradually growing awareness that challenging your brain can have
positive effects." Dr. Cohen has even stated that, "every
time you challenge your brain it will actually modify the
brain. We can indeed form new brain cells, despite a
century of being told it's impossible."
Let's not get carried away with this information. Building
new brain cells is not raising them from the dead.
Instead it is building new cells to replace the dead ones
at a much faster and more efficient rate. Consider this
analogy, cholesterol builds up in the capillaries of the heart, where too much cholesterol build
up can block the blood flow, causing a heart attack. To prevent this from happening, many
doctors and scientists have concluded that aerobic exercises like jogging and rhythm aerobics.
This will actually build new capillaries on the heart to increase blood flow and decreases the
chance of cholesterol fully blocking blood flow and causing a heart attack. This is the same
principle with playing brain games. Brain games will build new brain cells to replace dead ones
and get the brain functioning properly again.
With that being said, it is important to keep a healthy daily regimen of online strategy games to
keep the mind stimulated. Furthermore, there are a plethora of options available for you to
play brain games. Many card games or board games like chess will stimulate brain activity but
scientists have developed games that are much more efficient. There are video game consoles
that are specifically designed for brain gaming as well as specific brain games that are available
on any of the major gaming consoles like PlayStation 3, XBOX 360, or the Wii. But these video
games are expensive and buying the specific consoles can be up to four times more expensive.

The only alternative is to play free brain games online at At NeuroArcade, we
choose brain games for our website that are both challenging and fun to play, and can also
witness the ever famous chess vs computer phenomenon. We also offer a wide variety of
games, making choosing the right game to train which part of the brain easier and fun.

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