Brainstorming Rules and Tips

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10 Secrets to Successful BrainstormingStretch mental musclesNumber your ideasbegin with warm up exercisesnumbered lists creates goals to motivateWrite playful rulesQuantity over quality“defer judgment,” “one conversation at a time,” a bad idea is the lack of ideas“yes, but...”Sharpen the focusGet physicalarticulate the problem at hand with an outward focus brainstormings are show-and-tell. bring examples of on your audience rather than internal goalscompetitors’ products or good solutions to the problemMake the space remember100% diverse participationencourage people of all backgrounds so there write all ideas down (don’t take notes - use scribes)are different perspectivesBuild and jumpUse toys and rulesuse toys and guns to throw when people break rules. it ensuresbrainstorms start slow, crescendo and plateau. leaders nurture, people take rules seriously and not lose the spirit of creativityget out of the way, and jump back in when energy wanes6 Ways to Kill a BrainstormLet the boss speak firsteveryone rushes to agree with himGive everyone a turnit is not a showAsk the experts onlydeep expertise in the field can be a drawbackNo silly stuffit is important. wild ideas welcomed. brainstorming is fun.Everybody writing everything downwriting obsessively shifts focus to the wrong side of the brain.