Breaking news for the action game Drakensang

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Breaking news for the action game Drakensang
Drakensang's huge army of followers are familiar with the incredible graphics and absorbing
storyline of this epic fantasy action game from Bigpoint, but they know that familiarity will never
turn to boredom. This is because they are confident that Bigpoint will continue to offer new
challenges and experiences.
It is probable that players will already have adopted the role of a Dragonknight freedom fighter in
their previous battles against the
many terrifying monsters and
dragons to be found in Anderworld.
They may well have also
experimented with becoming a
magical Spellweaver, using a
mixture of spells and wisdom to
help withstand the evil forces
against them. Now players can find
out about a new class of technical
expert character, the Steam
Mechanicus, at After all, even in stupendous fantasy worlds, with a vast array of
different environments from swamps and forests to caves and cities, technology will evolve and new
weapons will be developed.
The race of dwarves, from which Steam Mechanicus springs, while not exactly antisocial, had
hitherto a preference for keeping
themselves to themselves in the
deep places of the Anderworld.
When the hordes of the Dragon
began to emerge, however, the
dwarves were forced to seek allies
in their struggle against a
traditional enemy. Being naturally
gifted as inventors and
technologists, the Dwarven Steam
Mechanicus is not only adept as a
fighter but as a creator of
ingenious and powerful weapons too. These weapons are generally powered by steam, harnessed
by the dwarves from endless reserves deep in the earth's core. With impressive firepower, steam-
launched projectiles and the ability to make precipitous steam-assisted jumps, the Steam
Mechanicus is a formidable support fighter but he's also apt to lead from the front when the going
gets tough. With his powerful anti-personnel grenades and personally fashioned iron armoured suit,
he's a handy asset to have on your side in a battle - and a really exciting addition to this legendary
action game.