Bring life to your wall with framed artwork’s

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Bring life to your wall with quality picture framing
If your picture is worth framing, then it is certainly worth going about it the right way.
You have taken or purchased the perfect picture, now you need the perfect frame to fit for
your walls. Frames do not take away beauty from the picture, but they showcase it.
Everyone has that one picture that they love, care for, and cherish; the best way to keep
that memory frozen in time is by enclosing it with the right frame.
Color is the first thing you really consider while decorating a new home or office space.
People color their homes in ways that reflect their personalities and style. This is the
same when you are picking a frame for a wall to match a picture. Pick a frame that goes
the best with your wall color. For example, do you see a color in a background that will
really brighten the picture and bring it to life? It is important to choose a color that will
balance the picture and turn it into great interior or exterior.
Here are some important things to consider when you’re choosing the right picture frame
for your room: the positioning of the picture, the colour scheme, the theme of the room
and the available space.
1) Choose a Room:
Start by choosing the room where you'd like to display your picture. What you hang in a
kitchen will be different to a hall or living room. It's about what feels right for the room
and the mood you'd like to create.
Modern Picture Framing - PaintboxNolita
Bring life to your wall with quality picture framing
2) Match the frame to the picture and the room:
Next you need to choose a suitable frame for the picture and then try it out in the room.
Two important things to consider are
Prominence of the Frame – An important piece of artwork or special photo (like
your wedding day) is worth displaying more prominently in your home.
Size of the picture – Larger pictures can carry a heavier or wider frame.
3) Color of your wall:
If your home is modern, it could probably take vibrant or bold colors. If your home is
more traditional, you might choose a more muted palette. Play with your 'accent' color.
If your walls and furniture are fairly neutral, you could use colorful frame as an
accent and match it with any soft furnishings.
4) Does the frame feel right?
Finally the most important things to remember when choosing the right picture frame for
any room in your house: choose something you like, you are happy to look at.
Frames have the ability to enhance pictures, not hide them. Showcasing that one picture
you love the most is the best way to enjoy it, and the best way to preserve it is by
Modern Picture Framing - PaintboxNolita
Bring life to your wall with quality picture framing
choosing the right glassing that will safeguard it for years to come. The top two picks for
selecting framing glass are conservation and museum. Conservation glass shields 80%
harmful UV rays which causes fading of the picture. Museum glass is truly the best
choice of glass as it is encrusted with a quartz like substance that shields almost all
harmful UV radiation.
Size is another significant feature to your eye-catching picture. You do not want to buy a
frame that will swallow up your valuable picture. Narrow borders should be avoided as it
makes your frame look dull or unexciting. The frames should be a little larger than the
picture. Try wider frames to encase the photo and give a sophisticated appearance. Make
sure your walls make a positive statement about your home!
Seek professional help to steer yourself in the right direction in your decision making
process. They will be familiar with your questions or concerns. Unlike going to a random
store and selecting a simple frame, contemplate on going to a skilled consultant. Many
stores providing custom framing services are available. Some of them are Paintbox Art &
Framing, Paintbox Soho, Michael Stores and many more.
Once you have your picture framed and ready to mount, remember the pictures are
hung 6-8 inches above furniture and other objects. As long as you follow these easy
tips, you should not have any troubles in selecting the perfect frame for your walls.
Next time you have a dazzling picture to display, remember these guidelines and
may be you'll find yourself being the expert.
Modern Picture Framing - PaintboxNolita