Buiding the perfect squad in Marvel Avengers Alliance

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gain levels quickly in avengers

Marvel: Avengers Alliance is just a role playing game from Playdom, featuring a huge amount of
Marvel heroes and villains in a game style similar to old Final Fantasy turn based game play. You
may make your own S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent using a limited variety of hair styles and colors, and he
will level upward through combat, and can be combined with 2 other Marvel Heroes. Making use
of research, you can unlock new suits, equipment, and items for your own agent, which changes
his group kind, and allows you to buy new and strong equipment to stay informed about your

Making S.H.I.E.L.D. points will permit you to study these items, along with train (level up) heroes,
and buy particular items, including suits and so on. It's possible for you to make more S.H.I.E.L.D
factors by seeing allies, in addition to getting Distress Calls. Distress Calls are a free activity used
in battle to summon a buddy to help you in missions, which can change the tide of the tough fight.

The fight in this game is turn based, and with each turn you're allowed to assault by means of
your equipment (your own character), or your heroes' special attacks (depending on hero), with
each action costing a certain amount of stamina. If you're running low on stamina, you'll be able to
recharge it, but you are going to price a turn to recharge it, or you can use items and distress
signals in case your turn is the agent. Each character has their particular class, which has a
counter class, and using these strategically can mean the difference between success, or failure.

These slots enable you to add more power to your own heroes, enhancing their strengths or
improving their weaknesses.

Marvel: Avengers Alliance features a story, setup in chapters and episodes, where you will do the
majority of your match time, and allow you to unlock more story arcs with each successful
completion. The missions are presented on the town map, as well as the combat scenarios
presented are shown, letting you confront low, medium, and high threats of regular enemies.
Sometimes you are going to be allowed to deploy heroes on until it's completed deploy missions,
which will net you an item after x quantity of turns, but will occupy the hero. Completing these
fights will also net you items, although completely arbitrary, like Deploy Missions.

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For Player versus Player enthusiasts, there's also tournaments, which enable you to fight other
players as well as their selected heroes for exclusive products! You can buy player versus player
specific items to give a boost to you in such season tournaments, to help give you an advantage
over your competition, and you'll need it. My only complaint about these tournaments, is that they
need to put in a little bit more stability over particular heroes, but besides that it is pretty


Overall, I found this game to become a fun distraction that adds lots of play time to the Facebook
game, along with obstacle! Certainly for the traditional role playing game fan, along with any
enthusiast of the Marvel Universe!